Revisiting an Inspiring VB Diary...We Need It Now.

Now that the primaries are long gone, these words are more important today than they were over a month ago:

You almost always have the right post at the right time. Penquin also has a good way of doing that also.

Now is the time for us all to unite and not fight with each other. It has been one big circle firing line lately around here and the right side of the Blogosphere. We all need to look at the big picture and not get caught up in the little things, after the primaries are over, and they can not come fast enough. We need to get behind the Republican candidate. Forget the squabbles, bite your tongue if you need to, but we need everyone on the same side of this battle.

The above quote was written by Black River Wolf on September 5th, responding to a most inspiring diary by the one and only Vassar Bushmills entitled, “When Time Stops…All Hands On Deck”.  

Once in awhile the fire and inspiration of certain diaries and comments are read, they are felt and they are forgotten with the passage of time and life. Black River Wolf’s comment was as great then as it is now. The amount of squabbles, fighting, backstabbing, bad manners, sliding off track and simple retreating has never been more apparent here in the last couple of weeks. Let’s begin…

From where the sun now stands, there is one thing, and one thing only for the next sixty days… and that is getting every possible Republican elected to Congress. I didn’t say Conservative, although I wish it were so. I said Republican.

Classic Bushmills. Solid. To the point. No distractions, nothing to hide.

In all cases, the conservatives have to be the moving parties if there is to be any alliance with moderates. We must extend the hand of partnership. This is both an act of leadership as well as a signal of a promise we will keep, for conservatives do have a track record for keeping our word. We don’t backstab.

Look at Vassar go again! He leaves nothing to think twice about. Common sense. Standing tall and firm with his feet planted on the ground. “We don’t backstab”. Think about this when you’re typing frantically to post your comments to a Delaware race diary. Or when you feel the need to disparage any Republican running for a seat or currently seated for that matter. Remember, we may need that guy or gal in 2012.

Modifying Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment, if you don’t like the Republican in your district or state, please keep it low key and abstain from the high dudgeon and hyperbole of the teat fit, and please don’t enlist others.

Mr. Bushmills must own a crystal ball. He saw it. He shared it.  Did everyone understand it? I’m not sure but only time will tell.

Do not speak vicious of any Republican running in a district or state outside of your own. Finally and most importantly, put on that game face.

Vassar pulls no punches here. He does not assume your parents brought you up to keep your bad comments to yourself. I gotta hand it to him, the man know his stuff. With only 17 days left before the biggest election, one that will shape Children’s futures and the coming generations, maybe, just maybe, we can all heed Vassar’s words, take a deep breath and stop.

Carry the water and the day for the GOP and we will win.

His words speak for themselves there.

The grand finale… a great comment that was attached to Vassar’s diary by Penguin2…

If there is one thing we must take hold of, it is that idea. What we do now and until November requires everything we have, otherwise it has all been for naught.

Take the time, http://www.redstate.com/vassar/2010/09/05/when-time-stopsall-hands-on-deck/