Studying Vassar Bushmills

All through my twenties and thirties I referred to myself as a Conservative. I voted that way, therefore I was.  In my mind, an exceptionally patriotic Conservative.  In reality, it boiled down to just one day out of every 1460.  And then my forties came and I was mysteriously “introduced” to two very influential, “never to know and never to meet” men who will never know me or meet me or ever know their strong affect on a small town girl who up until 2 years ago thought life revolved around pretty high heel shoes, poker, The Kentucky Derby and Seinfeld. ( Well, maybe still poker and the Derby!)

These two men are Dr. Charles Krauthammer and Vassar Bushmills. What I will only say about Dr. Krauthammer is that when he speaks, no one around is allowed to make a sound.  Everyone knows, just shut up and listen. Period.

And then, there is a guy named Vassar Bushmills. He resides somewhere out in internet land. On any given day, he might look like Captain Kirk on the Starship Enterprise or on another, maybe a face like Charlton Heston. It just depends on what he wrote that day.

Vassar’s essays are lengthy. Chock full of statistics, personal stories, historical facts, future predictions, quotes, references, insights…etc…etc… I read every essay (in most cases, reread) and then I jot down my lesson notes of the day. The words I take away from the whole. My free education notes. I often try to figure out the man behind the typed words by remembering little tidbits he throws in about himself from time to time. Those I enjoy a great deal.  A bit of amusement that some would just glide on by but I smile when he reveals them. Unintentionally witty, however, trying to bring someone to life instead of the floating type of internet land.  

Vassar hates kings.

He once drove across the middle of Oahu Hawaii. Who drives across Oahu? Who has the time or inclination to drive across Oahu? A pineapple expedition?

He spoke about a first visit to Ukraine in ’91. This means there was a second, possibly even a third. Whats in Ukraine that would lead someone there several times?

He quit being a Methodist because of a song. (I think)

He’s seen the way Great-Grandmothers in the Balkins teach children the basics of Church worship. Never once in my life had the thought occurred to me that there were indeed Great-grandmothers actually residing in the Balkins!

He couldn’t answer comments one week because he had to “see a man about a library”. A library? What man? Who sees men about libraries??

Vassar hitch-hiked from the Ohio River to Juarez Mexico. I want to know if this was a planned route or did he just somehow fall into it. Apparently he was pick up by the “long-shot traveller” taking the same route.

And then, of course, this statement.. “Underneath the hotel I always stayed at in Bulgaria…”. Always? Who goes to Bulgaria once, let alone numerous times to always stay in the same hotel on top of a Budda Bar with blaring music throughout the night?

He was a paper boy at age thirteen and wondered who was actually reading those papers that he delivered.

Okay, okay, I could go on and on with that, I shall stop and move on.  But my purpose was to let you know, that when you are learning from an unknown entity, the personal stuff that makes you smile makes the “teacher” become real and not just out somewhere in internet land.   

From my notes of Vassar Bushmills…

On Immigration

The kind of Immigrant we want is 1) one who blesses the ground he walks on because it is free ground and 2) blesses the document and the men and women who made and kept that ground free.” 

On Hope

“A man can choose hell or even Cleveland. It is the same with freedom and liberty. Religion and liberty both provide a way out only. Hope. But a way out that is dictated by free will. Not coercion.”

On Racism

“They hate you because of who you are.”  “They hate you for what you stand for”.  1) Don’t apologize. 2) Don’t defend. 3) Don’t retreat. 4) Don’t get angry.

On Restoring America

“We have to become a moral nation through the strength of our communities and our institutions, not the rigidity of our laws.

1) Religion a key component to public life again.

2) Reinstate American Exceptionalism as a part of the core curricula in K thru 12.

3) Fire 95% of the librarians.

4) Place God, George Washington, heroes and exceptionalism back on the bookshelves.

5) Throw out the teachers who teach junk sociology and science and the administrators who encourage them.


“The loss of the rule of law in America will sever the spinal chord that connects it to “Justice”, and it will be “Law” as known in Europe. Justice, like all those rights laid out in the Constitution, in the end, comes from our Creator, so it can not be destroyed. But, like all those other rights, it can be banished once again… for another 2000 years, if need be.

A Few Bits of Cool Info That I Now Know

1) In the 23 years since Japan regained Civil control, only one foreigner had ever been acquitted in a Japanese Court.

2) The .38 revolver was standard apparel in the coal fields during the strip mine wars of the 1960’s.

3) Every June 2 at noon in Bulgaria, sirens go off and people stop and lower their heads in silent observation for approx. 20 martyred men whose likenesses grace many great meeting halls.


“Get a landline. They’re inexpensive”.


“Noting the absence of any mention of the reasons why the whole thing was put there in the first place. The Common Man and Liberty… The biggest problem we see with the American house today, as the greatest generation is passing into memory, is that with each succeeding generation there seems to be a declining number of people who even know the blueprints of the House the Constitution had in mind…much less how to build it and pass it on… They have to be taught and learned… Parent to child is best.”


“For every truly inquiring intellectual there are ten who bask only in the glow of their own reflection”.


“For now we know we can STAMPEDE an election in ways the Dems and the Left can not.”


“Progressivism is, and always has been (when considered logically) in direct opposition to the purposes of the Constitution, namely the freedom and liberty of the individual.”


1) “You put boots on the ground and candidates on the ballot.”

2) The more you know about Good in its simplest form, the easier it is to recognize evil in its most complex.

Of course, there are those times when I start reading a diary that says, “by Vassar Bushmills” and midway through will be a sentence that reads, “I try not to be long winded like my good friend Vassar. He could go on and on forever about a subject like this.”

I get confused and somewhat miffed.

And then I think… I like this guy… whoever he is… and whatever he looks like… too.