Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

The news comes so fast and furious these days that it is hard to keep up and even harder to get answers once the cycle turns to something new. Michael Jackson morphed into Tiger Woods and Ben Neilson’s bribe was blurred by the Scott Brown win. The escapade of Bernie Madoff was shut off once the cell door shut behind him. And on and on and on.

Old news today was once front page but something comes up that is even more intriguing and we forget or lose interest. Everyday seems to bring another crisis thrown at us by the Obama administration and that becomes the talk. For the day. Then we move on.

I’d like to revisit a few things that just seemed to disappear, unanswered, buried and forgotten. I am sure there are plenty more topics that should be on the list. These are just a few that come to mind.

1) On October 24, 2009, President Obama signed an Emergency Declaration for the H1N1 virus due to the “rapid increase in illness”. Did it disappear? Are people still dropping like flies? Exactly how rapid was that increase?

2) A year and a half after her discovery in a Boston slum, did Aunt Zituni ever get deported or was she moved into a room at The White House?

3) It was reported at some point about a year ago that Tony Resko showed a “willingness to disclose information to authorities”. Was a secret surgury performed to remove his voice box?

4) Is Acorn now off the hook for aiding the prostitution industry and are they still allowed to be involved with the Census while still recieving funding from the taxpayers amidst their internal investigation that they were allowed to perform on themselves. And did they find anything untoward about themselves? Did they report their own shady dealings to anyone?

5) After Obama warned people against “jumping to conclusions over the motives of the Fort Hood shooter” did they do everything they could to make him comfortable because he supposedly was paralyzed by the shooting that he recieved himself? Where is he? Is he talking? Is he alive?

6) Back in 1971, charges against the Black Panthers were dropped. Fast forward to present day, and again, The Black Panthers in Philly were “on trial” for voter intimidation. These charges were also dropped by some guy named Eric Holder. Did anyone ever find out what was going on in Eric’s mind that day? Any explanation at all?

7) Are the farmers in California still without water because of a smelt? Are they still standing in lines to recieve vegetables imported from China?

8) Is anyone ever gonna do something about tax evasion guru Charley Rengal?

Bueller? Bueller?