A Cold January Day

The year is 2012. The morning is blistery cold. The morale of the country is as beaten down as it could ever be. The people are using stamps to get free rides on Septa to make it to the steps of The Capitol. Hundreds of thousands of worn-out citizens, all races, all ages, rushing to get a glimpse of the festivities. Their eyes are wide and the happiness in the air is palpable. Those in uniform stand at attention, complete with respect and honest outward contentment in the days proceedings.

All the normal fanfare commences. On the television, the news pundits are busily looking for anything to latch onto, to turn or twist or find opposition to. They find none. Inwardly, but certainly not outwardly, they too have that excited feeling in the pit of their stomach, knowing that the fate of their Country will be taking a tremendous turn for the better. But they must remain silent. They find the “celebrity” faces in the crowd, Palin makes the news, as well as Gingrich and Romney. This is all they can do.

The military’s pride in this day can not be measured. The new Commander in Chief has already had their respect for decades and they have lived through four years in hope and determination to reclaim their America as the finest it was always meant to be. The citizens stand with their hands on their hearts as our Star Spangled Banner bellows through the speakers. The flags dance in the wind and a sense of calm and pride can be felt throughout the smiling crowds. America will finally regain its lost strength. Those who were told to take and to be led by the government now have a feeling of fire in their hearts. To get their life back, to have a chance to succeed on their own, to know the true purpose of their lives, to turn away from the hand-out and find America’s Promise on their own. They know it now.

Supreme Court Justice Scalia is called to the podium. The Bible is presented and a hand descends upon it. It is done. We now have a new Commander in Chief. We now have before us, a man who could possibly be one of the greatest Presidents in America’s history. He must unravel the horror of entitlements, he must restore the military’s morale, he must return America back to its former greatness, before it was ravaged in apologies and coverups. Just the sight of him demands respect, which means his tasks will come easy for him. Those who know his road, know that he is a dedicated man, and this dedication is to America. Only America. In the face of complete aggression towards his passion, he still stands strong for what he deems right. He stands strong and speaks from his heart in regards to the security and progression of America. He does not faulter, ever, in his conservative approach to all things foriegn and domestic. He believes it and lives it.

This man, known to all and hated by many for unrealistic reasons, gives hope that this fantasy January day will be destined to actually happen. This man can be anyone you wish it to be. And who it is, to you, you must stand strong with him and do all you can, starting today, to see it happen. This man, to me, is Vice President Dick Cheney. There is no one else that fits this bill as well as he. He is the one.

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