Rally around Dick Cheney's Request

This is the first diary I have written in quite a long time. 

I hope that most had the opportunity to watch our Former Vice President Dick Cheney in all his true eloquence last night on the Hannity show. His words last night were so important, so well stated and so transparently heart-felt.

In speaking about the release of the memos regarding the “tactics” used to gain important information from Gitmo detainees, Mr. Cheney requested that the memos regarding the intellegence GAINED from those interrogations be declassified so that the American people can see what we attained and how we guarded against those threats. He stated the he knows they exist. He read them.

The security of our country, the lives of family and friends, the threats that have never gone away are so much more important than, let’s say, higher taxes and government spending combined. The protests of the tea parties are wonderful, however, can we unify ourselves enough to demand the release of these memos as well? Can we stand by Dick Cheney, a man who kept this country in tact after 9/11 and knows that memos exist as to what those interrogations revealed?

The same people who stood in the limelight and held publicized fund-raisers for the victims’ families of 9/11 are the same people who stand in the way of justice and PREVENTION of further attacks. I stand by Dick Cheney’s request and would attend any demonstration held to demand the release of these memos. We need to get involved. Our ideals demand security for our country, freedom and liberty. I am not saying that tea parties for lower government spending and tax reform isn’t important. I am saying that a secure America is beyond by compare. It is not fair by any stretch to release “tactical” information used by the United States and hide the outcome. It is the people who log onto Redstate who need to stand up against these people who will stop at nothing to demean the previous administration and in the process, leave our country vulnerable. It is too much to dismiss.