Hey Troll, bring this to your master

Well, you’re almost there. Five more days to see your dreams come true. Just 5 more days. It was hard for you, wasn’t it? So much work, so much planning. There were alot of “almost got caught moments” weren’t there? But you seemed to plod through it. You’re almost there. Hold on tight. Your mind should be at ease fairly soon.

The “Big Bang” of government takeover, financial downfall and constitutional chaos must have seemed lofty at first, but, by God, look how it all seems to be working out for you. Your brillance and achievements over the silly little Rascist American Capitalists are to be commended. You thought everything out, you commanded your brainwashed army well. You, sitting at a table with the most “brillant minds of our time”, with your clipboards and notes and books, talking and talking and not realizing how bad your breath smelled from the tuna hoagies over there in the corner.

You found the loopholes in Campaign financing laws and persued them so well indeed. You planted thousands and thousands of fake registrations so that the cries of disenfanchisement were rational. Brilliant. It must have been such a delight to write checks to greedy capitalistic CEOs of news organizations, to watch them wag their “tales” for you and sell their souls for money. See what greed did to them! Wow, what a magnificent scholar you are. And the irony must have made you orgasmic.

And what a pleasure it must have been to play on the poor to make them do as they were told. Look how well they learned to obey. See how their planted aggression got them their houses and, at the same time, you were able to bring the country financially to its knees. A two for one there. Did you made sure that they saved enough aggression up to riot after the election? Mustn’t miss that part so late in the game. You do deserve a toast. Did you ever think you would be a master in Divestment laws, a master of public research or a master of election law? Your mind is so vast, so overwhelmingly magnificent. You are enchanting.

Remember that day they announced Palin as a running mate? That must have been a busy day for you. Were you tired after a long day of work and research? You had notes and plans for Romney and Lieberman. I’m glad you had the time to pull everyone together for brainstorming. Your determination and attention to detail goes beyond norm. What a man. Those who dare the grand design, men like Einstein, Michelangelo, Hawkins, and Davinci, men whose genius is incomparable, stand right next to you shoulder to shoulder. You deserve a monument built and placed on the soil where the World Trade Center once stood. Your brillance, along with your collegues, is unable to be measured, to say the least. And Joe the plumber! That poor dumb bastard! Your fast action in disgracing an American citizen was truly the antithesis of compassion wrought with degradation. Beyond brilliant Sir.

Did you cover everything? Did you retrace your footsteps correctly? Make sure. You’re so close. Is everything in place for you. The big day. It’s coming. The day that your years of research, planning and toil will be brought to fruition. Has everyone been paid off properly? Did you consider everything? Did you tie everything up into a big pretty bow? Did you factor in every possible scenerio. It sure looks like you did. Lets see. Let’s brainstorm.
The media. Yes, looking good. The polls. Definitely. The aquaintance factor. Under control for the time being. The Hannity factor. Not a problem. Your army. Properly brainwashed. Slammed our President George W. enough? Yeah, you got that one covered too. Immigrants, Rascism, Doom and gloom. Pick the right one? Looks that way, he certainly speaks well. Educate enough youth? Check. Did you find the stupidest man in Congress to follow the Chosen one so that he can’t question anything along the way? Definitely, you found the biggest [email protected]@hole on Capital Hill. Bravo.

But wait, there might be something. I mean, with everyhting you needed to take care of, there’s gotta be one thing you missed. There was so much for you to consider. I’m not sure, but, maybe, just maybe, you might need to call your scholars back to conference. Go ahead, give them a call Mr. Brillant.

Did you consider the force of America’s Pride? Did you consider the strength of the American Way, the Constitution as it now stands before you get your grimy hands on it? The values and liberties that we “uneducated” people were raised on? Did you do any research on the overflowing determination of the masses in perserving America after 9/11? You did say that they didn’t do enough after 9/11, didn’t you, Mr. Ayers?

Oops. Made a mistake. Did I or did you?