A True Love for America

During an extremely slow day at work about 2 months ago, I had planned to sit at my computer and play a bit of online poker. My usual for those long days back then. I know what you’re thinking, but, after all, it is my place and I can do what I want! Sort of a ritual, I’d get my work done, grab lunch and play for awhile. Harmless fun.

For some reason that day, I decided to check out John McCain’s website for a few minutes. I never followed politics, live basically carefree in my little world here and keep to myself. There, on the McCain website, is a link to Redstate. I followed the link and began to read and read. Nonstop. I even posted some silly diary myself that day. A pure novice. Alittle embarrassing in hindsight, but what did I know? The diaries I read were eye-opening and I decided then that I would do some research myself, and needless to say, I haven’t played a hand of poker since.

In two months I have read about groups like the Weather Underground, Black Panthers, International Socialists Organizations, Movement for a new Society…I have seen corruption in media, scandals, a financial meltdown, voter registration fraud, cries of rascism…

My research led me through pages of Activist propoganda, Marxism and Radical movements, Divestment literature, to the Lou tribe in Africa to Chicago streets to a Congressional madness with regards to Fannie and Freddie…

I sifted through the Annenberg failure, Woods and Joyce Foundation grant recipients, connections to underhanded characters like Resko, Wright, Ayers etc. I’ve heard about a woman speaking about her distaste for America. I’ve watched news shows drag a womans pregnant child through the mud. I’ve read about abolishment of amendments, complete nuclear disarmament, thousands of people killed after the election in Africa, Conferences for Radical Scholars, The Messiah, Campaign finances, National Police Force and the Fairness Act…

I should have played poker that day.

But then it all occurred to me in the middle of the night while my brain was racing with it all. I was blindsided with that same feeling after 9/11. The feeling that this is not about winning or losing. Its about saving and preserving America. Everything I had been studying felt like an abyss of hell. This wasn’t America. It did all happen in America, but it wasn’t “American”. These people, these organizations, their literature and writings and views…

Un-american, to say the least. Everything I uncovered for myself with regards to the Democratic Nominee had absolutely nothing to do with a True America.

I then realized that what this all came down to was perservation. Remember the things that stick in your mind as a child growing up in your neighborhood. Running for the bus, playing kickball, Mom cooking, the azelia bushes out front, picking berries, ringing doorbells and running. Remember Dad at the kitchen table talking about work and dreams of moving the family to a better neighborhood or how he wanted to open up that office of his own. I can go on and on here but I will refrain. But that life is the American life. In every state for as long as the first George W. took office. Love of God, love of country, pride in ourselves, pride in our families. Determination, hard work and making a better life for your family. We all feel it. From the best neighborhoods to the not so good ones. Most of us have it in our hearts.

Feeling a bit angry over my persistant horrible thoughts of everything Obama for the past couple of months, I thought that this morning I would take a look at the other side. And then I saw it. I saw why we will not lose this election. For the first time in a long time, I feel total confidence in the outcome of this election.

I wanted to see the Republican National Convention speeches by Sarah Palin and John McCain. I watched and I did get that feeling of pride in their words. But it was afterwards, Sarah Palin, when her family joined her on stage and she was carrying the baby and went to each of her children and kissed them. I kept replaying it, and the more I replayed it, the more I saw in it. Sarah Palin. Love of her family. The kids playing outside, dinner on the table, school tomorrow, baths tonight. Sarah Palin. Dad at work, bills to pay, desire for the American dream. Sarah Palin. Mom with determination for her family, successful, strong and beautiful. Innocence, pure, the neighborhood, the backyard swingset. Macaroni and cheese and hamburgers on the grill. America.

Compare everything that surrounds Barack Obama against everything associated with Sarah Palin. And to Sarah Palin add the experience and life accomplishments of John McCain. There in lies what our country is eagerly searching for. True American citizens who are proud of the flag and love the country they live in are not blind. Some might be intimidated, some might have questions, some might even feel obligated or pressured, but when the true test comes in the voting booth, there could be no denial about the hearts of NORMAL LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. And I have a very strong feeling, we outnumber the opposition to these ideals about America by a landslide.

I am done with reading and searching through the ugliness of the backstreets. I am now going to be confident in my neighbors and play some poker. On Election Day, I, along with a multitude of people, will vote for AMERICA.

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