Stop with the Hawaii and Berg Stuff

I do not know how else to convey this other than with solid facts. To me, this is all an attempt to discredit Republicans and Fox news. Please hear me out, I am not a conspiracy nut, but I can put two and two together as I hope you all will in just looking at facts. I would hope that what I say makes sense to you and that everything pertaining to this is removed from this fantastically important website.

Moe, you may not even want to post this. It is up to you. Below are the facts, not my opinions. Decide for yourself when you add them together.

In the last couple of weeks Obama has mentioned Sean Hannity and Fox news numerous times. Even during his comedy speech with John McCain.

Berg, even though he seems like a complete nutcase, is on a nonstop effort to prove this Obama is from Kenya. Whether or not he actually does is besides the point. He might very well have a strong case, and if he does, Obama will do everything in his power to discredit him in the remaining days of this campaign.

Obama campaign is pushing for early voting.

Obama declares that his grandmother is gravely ill, that he was so upset that he wasn’t there when his own mother passed away that he would not allow himself the same mistake. Obama waits 3 days before departing. Apparently, if you are gravely ill one day, you will still be gravely ill 3 days later.

Out pops a completely ridiculous and totally fabricated internet story about a completely bogus enterprise called API (African Press International). I will remind you again, this is a TOTALLY BOGUS ENTITY. Supposedly out of Bismark, they have a completely made up story about some incriminating tapes that they want to release to Fox news concerning Obamas adoption in Indonesia.

On API’s fake website there are photos of several “reporters”. One of the photos is a gentleman holding a phone to his ear. HE DOES NOT WORK FOR THEM. About a week ago, I saw that same photo of that same man in a newsletter that was posted on a website from several years ago. I stumbled upon it after looking up archived material out of the University of Chicago “boxed and put away” material. Only lists of what they contained could be accessed. Lists consiting of alot of Apathied goups, Capitolism and investments in south Africa, Africa Peace tour, and much about Divestment groups. After playing for a couple of days and looking at tons of websites, that mans photo caught my eye and I thought nothing of him in particular. A few days later, I then recognized the photo on this fake API website.
This fake company suggests that they retained (of all people) Philip Berg as their lawyer. Now, this happened several days ago, Obama leaves for Hawaii, and the fake API wants Berg to help in negotions with Fox news to get these fake tapes out to the public. Obama leaving at this very time might played along with the charade. They were trying to get Fox news to report this, even trying to make Obamas departure seem suspicious, hoping they would report it. As if Fox news would have reported API, the tapes that they were waiting on, Obamas “fake” citizenship allegations, bought up Bergs lawsuit, the fact that Berg was retained by API and that the entire thing was a total sham would have come out against FOX NEWS, Berg, Republicans. and suspicion of Obamas citizenship wuld have been wiped clean. It would have made Fox news look like they set the whole thing up, did fake reporting, basically turned them into the MSNBC pile as being downright dirty and malicious. Mind you, had the story been picked up this is exactly what would have happened.

Lo and behold, right here on Redstate, I read about Hawaii, Andy Martin and Frank Davis. Now, again, I stress the importance of this entire “scandal” being completely fabricated by the Obama campaign to set Fox news up, to discredit Republicans, and quite possibly Berg also. (Although the Berg portion is debatable).

They tried so hard to make a speculation frenzy about the fake tapes, invoked Fox news in the process, with the hopes that the newest info about Frank Davis would then be reported by Fox news, therefore impicating them of reporting fake news, discrediting Republicans, throwing the entire citizenship lawsuits out the door and making Obama look like a victim.

This was Obamas October surprise. It exploded on him. So I implore you here, please take some of these facts to heart. I know that they read the diaries here and I know that their affiliations are hell bent on creating a “false scandal” to win this election. This has red flags all over it.

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