Predictions for the next 16 days

The Obama campaign has become so transparent and predictable that I can not believe I can not find a list posted anywhere. If these things were documented, they may actually be thwarted before they actually happen, or, at the very least, the ability to be prepared as the situations arise.

I am not as proficient as most here but I would like to put forth my predictions and hope that some of you will add to it, so that we can be ready for the inevitable. I had said to my friends about 2 weeks ago that I was 100% sure that there would be a “Republican Voter Fraud” account out in the media any day now. I may have become too atune to conspiracy ideas because of this election, but I never thought the words “Suicide Bomber” would be in my vocabulary. It bothers me not that some here may think me “clueless” but nothing about this Obama campaign has made me think otherwise. I trust nothing now when it comes to voter fraud, accusations, financing, etc. Nothing.

I predict..

1) One or two more accusations of voter fraud against the Republican Party.

2) Obama will campaign more in states that are overtly Repub. The swing states are already secure in the ability for them to cry Voter Disenfranchisement. Since these states are within the margin of error, chock full of fake registrations, they are geared up and ready for the lawyers. No need to waste any more time there.

3) The stock market will take a big massive dive very close to the election. Loads of short selling and cries of panic again. This shorting will not be done by american investors.

4) They’ve probably been working on another Sarah Palin controversy. Expect a fraudulent bombshell that makes absolutely no sence but out in the media anyway.

5) Another big endorsement for Obama.

6) Supporters of Bill Ayers will start make appearances on MSNBC.

7) Election day, if The One doesn’t carry a state that The One wanted, look for the riots in that state.

8) Major cries of foul play aimed at Republican voters and workers on election day.

9) Massive amounts of money doled out to other Democratic races.

10) Obamas half hour blocks on major networks…will be toted by cable news organizations as the most unpresidented viewership in american history.

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