Skewed polls go both ways

The infamous election polls. When skewed in favor of Obama it puts out the message that its over for McCain, don’t bother Republicans, stay home and accept defeat.

Again, When skewed in favor of Obama and there is an “upset” and McCain actually really wins this thing, there is reason to contest and incite riot.

These things are so visibly transparent, especcially the newest claim of the “Bush-McCain lawsuit against voter fraud”. It is so blantanly ridiculous, however, I believe the intention is not even in the works nor is there any paperwork to go with it. I believe it to be simply is a subliminal link between Bush and McCain and when written at the bottom of the screen of all of those liberal news shows all you see are the words Bush-McCain. Discredit and link… Discredit and link… with no merit, just as long it hits the dumb-minded masses.

Watch and see an unfolding event occur exactly 14 days before the election, another 10 days before the election, one at 5 and then one the night before. Anyone with half a brain can spot it. It is fake. Complete fabrication to fool the masses.

Take strong notice to the Joe the Plumber saga. Keep up with the drama of Joe the plumber, this is exactly what they want, because it takes the eye off of the words “Spread the Wealth”. Even Fox fell for that one. I have noticed so many diaries here arguing the merit of Joe being discredited. Remenver, its about “Spread the wealth”. Don’t fall for it.

It is unfortunate that most Americans are clueless to what is happening behind the scenes and that they do not take an active part in educating themselves to the fact that if this “THING” takes the oval office, our constitution will be altered, our freedoms will perish, our military forces will be in severe jeapardy, our financial system will be taken over and the days of a beautiful safe America will be destroyed.I can’t stop thinking about Colin Powell. A man who lived his life in defense of our country. The thought of him not endorsing a former POW and going for “that other one” gives me nightmares. An endorsement from Colin Powell would mean the world for this campaign. Mainly because of the MEDIA frenzy that is sure to follow an Obama endorsement.

Even though there is so much corruption, deciet and foul play in this election and in the man they call “The Messiah”, I am convinced that he will be defeated. I am just not looking forward to the aftermath of wrath that is sure to follow.

So, in closing, I hope that everyone keeps their spirit intact. I hope everyone here, who I truly believe to be the most descent and true valued Americans left, will say strong with the belief that sometimes, good really does overcome evil. And I will try to remember, that the masses, no matter how dim-witted, have strong hearts and values. And I believe that they will show up for McCain on election day.

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