On Obama's fake education program

I couldn’t wait to hear the moderator ask about the Education Policies of both candidates last night. As soon as it came, I perked up and said, Okay, here we go!” I said it out loud to no one, as I watched the debate alone. This is finally where the fireworks begin and this is where McCains got the ammunition to go for the takedown. I was especcially pleased that Obama got to go first, the set-up was perfect.

And then, bam…nothing…gone. McCain dropped the ball. Here is the winning argument, but unfortunately, missed.

“We judge all men on their records and accomplishments. What they did with their lifes, how they handled their tasks and by how they have demonstrated their talents. It is especcially important with regards to this election. Senator Obama wants to spend and spend on Education. He claims his policy will absolutely work while my ideas of vouchers will not.

“Well, Senator Obama was given that opportunity with millions and millions of dollars donated by the Annenberg Foundation a few years back. He was given free reign to distribute that money for the sake of enriching our childrens educations, much the same way he talks about doing tonight.”

“Turns out that the voucher policy that I propose is working perfectly in DC. Also turns out that after a full evaluation by the Annenberg Foundation itself, an in depth 200 plus page report, shows that the Chicago Challenge, under Barrack Obamas lead was an astounding failure. They site lack of accountability, mismanagement of funds, and lack of oversight, among other reasons for this major failure. This is not my analysis, this comes directly from the ones who trusted their millions of dollars to Barack Obama (and William Ayers). These findings come directly from the foundation itself”

DONE. BAM. KNOCKOUT. Honestly, I was completely disappointed.

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