A Winning Road for McCain to travel

Tonight, at some point, McCain should say the following. He would undoubtedly solidify a victory…

*Throughout my career I have tried to conduct myself with honor and accountability. Along the way, I have met some people with sub-standard principles, I have seen some organizations with horrendous ethics and I have come across many policies with terrible agendas. My instinct was always the same, country first, these entities are not right for me nor for the American people.

There have been many people whom I’ve trusted and when I found out they were bad seeds, I walked away. There have been some entities in our government that I trusted, like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but when I dug deeper and found them to be dishonorable, I tried to reform the problems with everything I had. There have been organizations that I trusted, that I spoke for and that I believed in. One of those organizations was Acorn. And I know that Senator Obama, along with so many of us also trusted in them as well.

But it turns out that they mis-used our trust. The entire organization needs to be accountable for election and voter fraud and anyone found guilty should be prosecuted to the fullest degree that the law allows. I am asking Senator Obama to join with me and the millions of people who are outraged by Acorns fraudulent behavior. I ask him to join me in seeing to it that the organization is investigated and dismantled so that this may never happen in any election again.”

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