Coincidence, Paranoia or Real?

I hope to God this is truly paranoia on my part…

Suppose you didn’t believe in a capitolistic America. Your whole life was built around hatred for America. You’d like to see a large scale financial melt down. The likes that drive the entire global financial system into a tailspin. It would take creative planning over many years to accomplish this feat. You would have to use something that is in place and ready to destroy. Something which directly relates to our financial institutions. Say maybe the housing market. If you could create millions and millions of defaulted mortgages, the banks would collapse.

Throw into the mix thousands of poor people DEMANDING loans from banks and recieving them. Full scale collapse. But you would need some mighty persistence and the backing of an entire political party to keep this underwraps. There would have to be something in it for them to conspire UNKNOWINGLY with you. They would have to have their own agenda as well.

How could you ever take over the fate of the housing market? Maybe through lobbying the majority in power at Capital Hill under the guise of helping poor ameican citizens. This is just plain patriotic. But you would need cash and lots of it.

How could you ever sneak a pawn into the Oval office without real credentials or proven experince after the great fall?

You would need a great base of people on your side to back you up. Who? With the very same people who want their party in power and with, ridiculous as it may seem, the impressionable youth. How? Through schools, Seminary Schools, Religious Groups, voting organizations, the media. Thousands upon thousands of people. And the rest of your support will come from innocent citizens who are on your side by default because they are already rooted in your political party.

How do you finance such a venture? Grants. Billions of dollars in funding given to special interest groups, lobbying expenses and the like. But what do you do when the money runs out? Don’t worry, theres plenty of it, just recieve it in small increments. Lots of untraceable donations. They cant track it. Plus, the grant money just keeps rolling in and out also.

Where do you concentrate your efforts? Battleground states. Media outlets, Youth groups. (Most political grant money recipients from just one applicable foundation today are concentrated in battleground states with emphasis on all areas of getting yourself elected)

When do you do this? If voter fraud can work in your favor, you can also MAKE it work the opposite direction. Kerry was ahead in polling, but lost the election. Guess where? If he won, it would be Kerry against McCain today. Acorn?

But won’t we get caught? No. Just deny, claim its a race issue, talk in circles, act presidential. Stay cool. Look the part. Don’t waver and watch what you say. Your hidden behind the guise of giving grants to poverty stricken people. You’ve HELPED so many people, you look like a real good guy afterall. Don’t forget, we have the media in our back pocket too.

The cast of characters in the backstory are so woven together and easily spotted through all of the GRANTS that were distributed by Obama and Company. The people sitting on those boards, if you search who they are and where they are affiliated today, your head would spin. Heads of huge Seminary schools, charter schools, major media communication organizations. The list goes on with the very recipients themselves.The staggering amount of shady associations goes beyond comprehension and far too many to list. We are aware none the less.

And lastly, how do you keep yourself and your groups that are littered across the country safe from harm from the general public in the face of an uprise? You push everything you have for years and years into abolishing the second amendment. You take away their guns.

How on earth do you take away their guns? You spend millions upon millions in grant money through your grant giving foundations over many years. You write law reviews and throw in tons of money to get it in front of judges and lobbyed in congress. You throw tons of money in Grants to Media outlets on the grand scale. You get your message in movies (yes, movies!) You give money to major newspapers and cable news affiliations. You also kill two birds with one stone on this one, you can actually win an election this way too.

But how on earth do you get away with all of this? You sail easily right through because you know that absolutely nothing can be done about it. Just look at how Hillary got cast aside without a single piece of investigation. And the best part, whoever does bring it up will look like a demented paranoid wacko.