Joyce Foundation and Obamas Campaign

It is difficult to wrap words around the web of this, so I will try to just give verbatum facts that tie all of this madness together. It could be a book really, so to condense I will summarize only with parenthesis. The rest is all factual in connecton with Annenberg Challenge, Joyce Foundation and Woods Fund. This is only Part 1

  1. Joyce Foundation. Obama 1994-2002. Grant recipient-Fenton Communications.

Fenton Communications today- Quote on their website-“Fenton and Move-On.org have been mobilizing some of commercial advertisings top creative talent to help win the presidential election.” This very day, website is promoting David Fentons exhibit going on from October 30 thru Nov 26. The exhibit is called “Eye of the Revolution”. The exhibit – “a look at Yippies, Black Panthers, Be-Ins, Weathermen, The Chicago 7, tear gas, protests, the years that changed America forever”

“David Fenton is now CEO of a major public interest communications firm. Since his employment at Liberation News Service. Fenton’s protest-driven view of the world has evolved into Fenton Communications. Their client is MoveOn.org.

2.Joyce Foundation- Obama 1994-2002. Grant recipient-Mark Karlin and Associates

Mark Karlin and Associates today- One page website, looks like most has been removed. Offers services in Public Affairs, Media Relations, Issues Management, Advocacy Campaigns. Dug deeper…

Karlin is a gun control activist who owns and operates the progressive news website buzzflash.com. Karlin has written that, “Guns are fuel for the white males psychological disorder of power”. Buzzflash.com today is a website devoted directly to promoting Obama for president. Searchable archives on this website were removed prior to 2005.

3.Joyce Foundation- Obama 1994-2002. Grant recipient- Toledo Ecumenical Area Ministries.

“Toby Hoovers Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence (OCAGV) is basically a coalition of two. The OCAGV operated in a basement of a church, Hoover was accepting grants as an anti gun lobbyist under this non-profit entity called Toledo Metropolitian Ministries.”Doing business at the same address was the TMM-TEAM that describes itself as “a social justice ministry of 7 denominations working ecumenically to identify needs for systematic change and to plan and develop strategies and initiate projects to advocate justice and empower people.”

The Joyce Foundation gave $633,200 to Hoover between the years 2000 and 2004. and another $281,500 to TMM-TEAM.

The Joyce Foundation was created in 1948 by Beatrice Joyce Keen who gave small grants to hospitals and Health Organizations.

“The Joyce Foundation has the act down pat, it uses millions and millions of dollars to bankroll supposed experts, create fake groups, and persue a broad agenda through supposedly modest and incremental measures.”

Millions and Millions of dollars had been given to the following catagories with Barack Obama at its helm between 1994 and 2002:

Anti-Gun Advocacy (invested over 1.25 million in 2002 in “grants” alone)Today, you can see where their grants go directly on their website. A few examples inlude grants for entities for:Election Law and voting rightsJudicial Independence Campaign FinanceGovernment Ethics including, but certainly not limited to:public opinion research in Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin that analyze voters attitudes in politics and a range of proposed reforms.

This is just Part 1 of about 15 parts. And my hands are SHAKING. All of this information is found on the web, you just gotta dig for it. The tangle with regard to Ayers, Obama, Radical Groups, Second Amendment Abolishment, Wright, Raila Odinga, Frank Marshall Davis, Farrakhan, even Chavez is astounding and crazy.