Annenberg Challenge and Obamas Campaign

Headed by Bill Ayers to receive the money with power given to Barack Obama to dole out the cash. 49.2 million dollar grant with many matches from other entities. A staggering amount of money. Total failure. Here are a few of the findings from Annenberg Challenge Evaluation Reports…

“The failure of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge to achieve an overall effect on school development may be explained by the short comings in the design and implementation of the Challenge…partcularly the lack of accountability”

“Rather than concrete ends, it provided “a vision” and set of general principles for reform. It identified certain priorities, but offered little direction on how to address them”

“Instead, its “theory” of local self-determinism assigned responsibility for forming specific improvement goals which resulted in a substantial variation of the primary focus of school development”

“The challenge staff devoted much of its time to working with External Partners rather than working with individual schools. The external partners had positive views on the support they recieved from the Challenges workshops, media relations, data driven decision making and workshops that bought in various outside speakers”

“It provided few financial resources to schools and partners. Moreover, what little funding it did provide through 1999 was greatly reduced by 2001.”

“There is not much evidence that the Challenge was able to create a strong sence of imperative for participation in Annenberg Activity or for change across the schools it funded.”

“A primary organizing theme of the Chicago Challenge was the empowerment and self-determinism of local actors, members of school communities working in networks with External partners to improve their own schools.”

“Some schools were selected as “Breakthrough Schools” based on their relatively greater committment to the challenge, One of the primary criteria used by challenge staff in break through school selection was participation in challenge-sponsored activities”

“These schools recieved an average of about $50,000 while Annenberg schools recieved about $2600. The breakthrough schools recieved these funds directly from the Challenge rather than through their partners, giving them potentially more money and more discretion in its use.”

“They also recieved ongoing professional support from the Challenge staff.”

“The Chicago Challenge promoted local school reform, but it also had an agenda to change the school system.”

In essence, those kids never got the chance to “Do Annenberg”. No wonder it failed. And this is the guy running for president.