World Series of Poker- Debate Style

Ante up. Place your blinds. Defend your blinds. Bluff. Tilt.

Phil Helmuth at the final table, the self-proclaimed best No-Limit Hold-em player in the world, in a hand with a young talented internet poker player. Phil gets slammed on a stone cold bluff. Phil goes on tilt, naturally. Just like Obama last night and just like his final month of the campaign, Obama is ON TILT.

McCain is playing his cards right. He put Obama on tilt a few days before the debate with the help of Sarah Palin. Weren’t you all waiting for McCain to bring up Ayers? Just waiting with anticipation? Imagine Obama! McCain’s first answer pointed directly to Fannie and Freddie. A small taste. I know you all thought it would keep going. SO DID OBAMA!! I could see it. He was scared. You know he spent days practicing retorts to Ayers allegations. They musta gone over it a million times. He was anticipating it. Obama was on tilt. Their camp was on tilt. (The added proposal to bailout puts them all on tilt all over again.)

I’ve been hearing how appalled some people were over the comment “That One” delivered by John McCain. I have heard anger over a missed handshake. I thought it was probably the best thing that John McCain did last night and here’s why:

Obama’s character. Obama’s associations. Obama’s record. Would you shake hands with someone who started their career in the home of a known terrorist? I am sure McCain would love to say those words, but he didn’t have to. His actions told the whole story.

This card game is not over. McCain is holding pocket aces. The strategy of play before the river comes is the most important. He’s truly holding the best hand right now, he’s gotta be patient and go all in just when the exact timing is right. And I know it will come. I truly believe McCain will take the bracelet at the end of the game. And as for Hellmuth in that particular event, well, lets just say that Phil was blind-sided, went on tilt and never recovered. He was busted out 3 hands later. The guy never saw it coming.