It's time to make a real move

This is a fantastic website for people who basically have the same ideals, values and insights on who should be our next President. The intellegence and well-versed diaries that are written here are incredible, brilliant and just plain insightful. It is a great pleasure to read these blogs and I for one have learned alot here, but, we are already SOLD. It is time to take some action with this.

I have read that the Obama campaign has been paying college students to infiltrate “Republican” and “Independent” blog sites and unleash Obama propoganda. Smart move. They are everywhere. Where are we? What are we doing? Blogging to each other, enjoying the rationality, but then?

The diaries on this site need to be read by Independent Voters, Hillary supporters, even Democratic websites. These diaries are invaluable to Senator McCain. These diaries need to reach these people, somehow and soon.

We need a plan. We need to join together somehow. We need to do this soon. Again, this site is the best for reading up on the travesties of a Barrack presidency, but WE ALREADY KNOW THIS.