The Oprah Extravaganza

I am a 44 year old small business owner out the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania. Raised a republican by Italian parents. I have always voted republican because that is what I learned to do. This year, I decided to step out of my box and watch the Democratic convention to learn about their ideals and give this Obama guy a look. The first thing I see is an Oprah wannabee in Mrs. Obama and I just couldn’t help but cringe. But I perservered and watched Hillary toot her own horn and scream about voting democratic but never gave me a real reason why. Still, I perservered. I made it through about 5 minutes of complete nonscence from our former sexually charged ex-president Bill Clinton. I could not bear to even listen to Biden. Then, the big speech from Obama…finally. I heard him speak about “the dream” and his opportunities growing up and being able to take advantage of scholarships and aid to go to the finest schools. Living the dream as a black man with a single parent. He made something of himself. Then he proceeds to talk about how great America was under the democratic leadership of Bill Clinton and how we must change and then he screamed with such passion, “ENOUGH”. It had occured to me that while he was enjoying these fantastic opportunities of being able to attend the best schools and prosper in America, I believe our Republican president, Ronald Reagan was in office. That was enough for me. The only thing that I got out of wasting my time watching that garbage was that PARENTS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT!!!! I am proud to be casting my vote for Senator McCain and a woman who is my age and truly made something of her life, Sarah Palin.