Swamps of Jersey?

On the eve of Election Day, I’m reminded of a story once told to me by a senior member of the U.S. Senate. It’s a tale of a beautiful woman in Greek mythology (of which he explains, he is not a follower, so he cannot remember this goddess’ name) who lives on a beautiful island. Ships are drawn to her for her beauty only to sink right before they arrive at her shores. He explained that this was his feeling about New Jersey Republican candidates; that they look so electable, only to fail on the eve of the election.

I recall this story for you because it is one that is relevant to all of us who follow Garden State politics. It reminds us of elections past where we hoped that Doug Forrester could topple Bob Torricelli, or Tom Kean Jr. could beat Bob Menendez, or even Bob Franks could defeat Jon Corzine. But what makes this election different is that our candidate today — a candidate far superior to current Governor Jon Corzine – had the upper hand, only to lose ground in recent weeks in an extraordinary fight. It is one that required a man of honor to defend honorable decisions; one that forced a man with a record of success to distinguish himself from a man with a record of failure; and one that forced the right candidate for New Jersey to fight for his political life every day of these last few months. I bet if you ask former Congressman Bob Franks, it’s a lot like the fight he had just a few years ago.

Try defending an extraordinary record against a man with an extraordinary bank account.

There is no doubt that Chris Christie has been taken off his message and that his opportunities to define himself have been lost in a campaign mired in defending himself. His campaign has missed opportunities and doesn’t have the slickness and the star-power of the Corzine campaign. But isn’t that what we as Garden Staters stand against? Don’t we want someone who stands against corruption? Don’t we want someone to bring down our exorbitant taxes? Don’t we want someone who can support our small business owners? Don’t we want someone who’s FROM New Jersey??

Christie will have to pull off an extraordinary Election Day operation tomorrow against a well-oiled Corzine operation, but I will do everything I can to encourage my family and friends to support Christie. He’s the best conservative statewide candidate we’ve seen in many years, he’s the best on the issues we care about, and he’s the best chance we’ve got to reclaim the beautiful Garden State.

For anyone who’s seen the blight of Xanadu in the Meadowlands, you’ll know that it wasn’t commissioned by anyone who loves New Jersey…

Join me in encouraging everyone you know to support the candidate who is right for our state. Let’s reset the trend in New Jersey and guide this ship to the shore…the Jersey Shore…and let’s celebrate Christie’s victory together.