Don't waste a minute ... Get on board with Christie in NJ

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Now the primary is over and the votes are in, it’s time we all join together to throw Jon Corzine out of New Jersey for good.

Mayor Steve Lonegan ran a hard fought race, brought in far more votes than the party leadership expected, and garnered support from an electorate that does not traditionally support staunchly conservative candidates. I’ve personally volunteered for Mayor Lonegan in a previous run for office. I know him to be a man of great leadership and for that reason, and so many more, I hope Mayor Lonegan quickly comes to the aide of Christie in his run against Corzine, and I hope those who supported Lonegan’s candidacy will do the same. If we don’t work together in this election, our party will surely fail.

Christie’s for smaller government, fiscal responsibility, high ethical standards, and he’s pro-life. But just as importantly, he’s the candidate who can win the general election in the Garden State. He can restore confidence in a state plagued with political scandal; and with a proven track record over the last eight years as U.S. Attorney, he would restore New Jerseyans’ faith in their statewide leader. But that being said, it will take any candidate awhile to restore what has been lost under the Democrats rule in my beloved home state.

Most importantly, Chris Christie is a born and bred New Jersey Republican, and let me assure you that matters in a state that is frequently the butt of jokes and unfair stereotypes. In a state like New Jersey where people are fiercely proud and loya, and the Republicans are few and far between, it’s wonderful to know a committed leader who is also a New Jersey native. (As if you need reminding, the current governor most definitely is not.)

One aspect of New Jersey politics that tends to go unrecognized in national reporting is the level of power held in the governor’s office. The New Jersey Governor is the most powerful governor in the Union, and responsible for appointing EVERY state cabinet secretary, including the attorney general and the secretary of state. And he (or she) appoints all members of the boards and commissions members and all judges except the municipal types. Let me say that again – nearly EVERY judge in the state is appointed by the governor.

We NEED a Republican governor in Trenton.

New Jersey is a complicated state for the Republican Party. While it’s fiscally conservative, the electorate is decidedly more moderate on social issues. We clearly can’t change all that today, but we can take a hard look at our political priorities and back the man who will best fight for them.

Let’s face it; Jon Corzine is in DIRECT OPPOSITION not only to our party, but to all of our principles. And he will stop at nothing to win.

Corzine is a liberal Democrat who played a hand in the fall of Wall Street and the decimation of our 401Ks. He is appointing judges and state board members (to the HUNDREDS of PAYING boards and commissions in the state) and making decisions that are most certainly NOT in line with our principles, or the best interests of any of the voters.

New Jersey needs Chris Christie. And if I were still registered there, as a solidly conservative Republican, I’d vote for Republican Chris Christie. But since I can’t vote in my home state anymore, I’ll give every spare ounce of time and effort to helping him get elected and convincing those conservatives who backed Lonegan that Christie is now the best pick for the job. My friends and family who still reside there deserve a leader who will fix what has been broken for so long.

Please join me in supporting Chris Christie.