That Awful Smell Coming From The White House

Today, Barack Obama took time out of his busy Air Force One travel schedule to wade into Election 2016 with thoughts about Donald Trump.

Now, personally, I am not a fan of The Orange Hued One – he of the conspiracy theories and endless callow insults – but the idea of Hillary Clinton becoming President is nothing short of preposterous, and, dare say, treasonous.

Yet to hear Obama speak of Trump as “unfit” and “woefully unprepared” is laughable at best, coming from a person who history can already judge as the worst performing President in at least a century.

Let’s review Obama’s ‘qualifications’ to be President:

  • As a US Senator for just 4 years, Obama passed just under 1.5% of the bills he put his name on
  • Spent 4 years as a “community organizer”
  • 8 uneventful years as an Illinois State Senator
  • 12 years as a part-time lecturer at Northwestern University

Certainly, none of this experience made Obama any more fit to be President than Trump. Obama held no special leadership positions in the US Senate, and as such was never in a position to have special insight into world affairs.

No other person, outside of Hillary Clinton, can claim such a dismal record on foreign policy – clearly exhibited monthly in local terrorist attacks globally.

Plus, after nearly eight years, Obama’s record of economic ‘achievement’ is nothing short of odious. More people – 19 million – on food stamps than when he took office. The lowest labor force participation rate in nearly 40 years. Less than one-half the GDP rate – 1.4% – for 7-plus years versus the previous 60 years. Economics has never been more dismal.

If you were reviewing Obama’s resume of results today, you would throw it on the rejected pile for being unfit and woefully unprepared.

And so the irony of either Obama or Clinton claiming Trump’s experience to be unsuitable is beyond delicious.

Regrettably, that awful smell coming from the White House has become all too familiar to those of us earning or signing paychecks, balancing accounts to pay bills or deliver payroll, drive our kids’ sans-security to after-school activities, and take care of things around the house.

Would it be too much to ask of those whose paychecks our taxes fund for a copious gulp from the cup of reality?