Fox News Becomes an Existential Threat to Conservatives


For over a year now, Fox News has been an overt cheerleader of the Trump 2016 campaign. The lovefest has become so apparent that Fox News contributor Bernard Goldberg will have to revise his best-seller “A Slobbering Love Affair” to include his employer’s own Trump-induced fealty.

While Fox’ slobbering lovefest with Trump is not news to any Conservative who has paid attention to the Republican’s march to pick a 2016 Presidential nominee, it became clearly apparent after Ted Cruz’s speech to the 2016 Republican Convention delegates that Fox News has become an existential threat to Conservatives and the conservative movement.

Take for example Brit Hume’s completely inaccurate rant about Cruz’s non-endorsement of Donald Trump versus a similar situation in 1976 between Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford:

“Well he certainly didn’t do what Ronald Reagan did in 1976, which is deliver a rather gracious endorsement of and make a speech in support of Gerald Ford, who was after all the party’s nominee.”

Hume would be well-served to spend some time researching the 1976 RNC and Presidential campaign. Craig Shirley has not only studied this issue carefully, but was actually in the trenches with Reagan during his Presidency. Hume, on the other hand, was plying his liberal trade with ABC News.

Reagan not only never endorsed Ford, he never campaigned directly for Ford. Any campaigning he did was to effect down-ticket success for the Republicans running for Congress that year, something Cruz implored the audience to do.

Similarly, Chris Wallace sat next to Hume and uttered outright nonsense with this:


“Ronald Reagan after he lost to Gerald Ford in 1976, he got onto the stage after he had lost at the Republican convention, arm-in-arm with Gerald Ford in effect endorsed him and said there was no substitute for victory. It was in effect a pep-talk to all Republicans to get together and to win in November…… Cruz will pay a price; he looks like a sore loser.”


To Wallace’s credit, he did spend some time researching the events of the 1976 RNC. But his statement that Reagan “in effect” endorsed Ford is gross nonsense and is nothing but a distraction to reality. What did in fact happened is that Ford, upon securing the nomination, asked Reagan to join him on the stage, effectively forcing a photo-op of the two smiling and shaking hands. But Reagan, who was totally caught off-guard by this request, had no idea what he was even going to say once he got to the stage.  Watch as Reagan speaks, to see if you can hear any “endorsement” at all:


The parade of Fox personalities who continued the criticism of Cruz for not endorsing Trump became exasperating and ludicrous. Rather than focus on the tremendous substance of Cruz’ speech, along with great speeches by Mike Pence and Newt Gingrich, Fox spent hours berating Cruz and saying that the Conservative standard bearer had doomed his career.

One thing that can be said about the Trump campaign is that they are good at coordinating falsehoods and distortions. And in what was clearly a well-coordinated, pre-planned effort, Trump supporters, led by the outrageous New York delegation (which, not so coincidentally, secured a spot front-and-center on the convention floor), booed and distracted the end of Cruz’s speech.

The Trump campaign has their supporters right where they want them – heckling and jeering – and has likewise been able to play puppet-master to Fox News by turning Fox into nothing more than a liberal-lite mainstream media cheerleading operation.

The Trump campaign has zero interest in “uniting” the Republican Party, clearly exhibited in this year’s RNC event and Trump’s refusal to apologize to Cruz for previous comments. And Fox News plays right along with this, whipping up internal dissent rather than helping direct a clearer message. If Trump and Fox had hoped to unite Conservatives in a fight for The White House, they blew their opportunity with their callow behavior during and after Cruz’s speech.

Clearly, Fox has taken on the personality of a thuggish operation with New York values, and would never think of saying disparaging words about the puppet-master with whom they have a cozy local relationship.

But worse yet, Fox exudes the qualities of a liberal mainstream media operation, focusing not on the inability of the Republican establishment to effect real change in Washington, but instead on expressing vitriol for those who live and breathe the Conservative message. Indeed, while Ted Cruz spoke a message of freedom and conservative ideals, Fox News and Trump followers booed and moaned. This level of false idolatry is enough to make Moses blush.

There could be no clearer example of how Fox News has become a standard bearer for Republican establishmentarianism than its display of disdain for the Conservative message delivered by Ted Cruz at the 2016 RNC.

Just another sign that it is time for Conservatives to move away from Fox and the GOP, who have turned left in furtherance of ratings, imperiousness, and the almighty dollar.