Don't Go Away, Conservatives - The Future Begins Today


I’ve seen and read many comments from people after Ted Cruz’ defeat in Indiana and subsequent suspension of campaign that they are “disconnecting” from politics, that they will no longer be participating in sites like RedState, and other wails of despair.

Stop That!!

Beginning this morning, I have been formulating in my mind what I want to say as we look ahead, and will write a diary as soon as I have my thoughts together.

But, the VERY LAST thing we conservatives should do is pack it in. After all, that is EXACTLY what people like Boehner and McConnell want you to do! That has been their game all along these last few weeks.

As Ted Cruz so eloquently said last night, “the movement you have started is extraordinary”.  He is not giving up the fight for the soul of our country, and neither should you!

Channel the anger and frustration that is stirring in your heart toward the dawn of a principled movement.