#BoycottHollywood and #BoycottSanFran and #BoycottNFL

Take America Back


That’s all we have left.

They all hate women, because they cannot respect a woman’s right to privacy in a public restroom.

They all hate Christians, because they cannot respect a Christian’s right to choose to honor their faith.

They all hate our Republic, since they cannot honor the will of the people’s democratically elected representatives.

They hate the free market, because they want to force THEIR choices on you, regardless of your will or beliefs.

They believe in the tyranny of the few rather than the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

You will be made to care that their way is the only way, regardless of what you believe and what is right.

You have a choice – stand up for what is right, honorable and just, and #BoycottHollywood and #BoycottSanFran and #BoycottNFL so that they understand that their tyranny is not the Will of the People.

The time has come to push back with a vengeance against their evil, uncaring, lawless ways.

It is your right.