Stop With The #NeverTrump and Start With #CruzToTheWin

Yes, I get the #NeverTrump meme and reasons for such. But, it is beginning to feel like we are spending so much time on #NeverTrump that we are losing focus on what is most important – making sure we #CruzToTheWin .

I’ve seen so much in the last week regarding how people are emphasizing that if Trump gets the nomination, but then loses to Clinton, that it will be so-and-so’s fault. C’mon folks, this “I don’t care what anyone else believes or thinks” mentality is actually hurting the argument.

It’s getting tiresome.

There are people out there who will never be swayed from supporting Trump, so why spend the time? Instead, it is time to focus on what makes Ted Cruz special, so much so that people who are frustrated with our country’s direction and who lean toward Trump can start to see clearly that there are much greater reasons to join #CruzToTheWin.

Here is what makes Cruz special:

  1. Cruz proposes a flat tax and eliminating the IRS; Trump wants to continue the IRS and a regressive tax structure. Picture this – Cruz standing in a room full of piles of case law, tax regulations, and documents, while holding his tax filing “postcard”. Which would you rather have?
  2. Cruz proposes to completely dismantle ObamaCare and replace it with a nationwide free market-driven system that will drive competition and generate lower pricing. Trump wants government to be in charge of healthcare. Has anyone asked Trump, given that he says he wants to take care of our Vets, how doubling-down on a VA-type system will help Vets, or anyone else for that matter?
  3. Cruz proposes to eliminate all of the crony capital giveaways that bleed from our already-bloated budget; Trump loves crony capitalism.
  4. Cruz will eliminate Planned Parenthood funding completely; Trump buys into the PP argument of “quality women’s healthcare”.
  5. Cruz will support and defend the Constitution, and has the legal background to back that up; Trump has proven he is squishy on the Second Amendment, the First Amendment, the 14th Amendment…. well, let’s be honest – he’s squishy on the entire document.
  6. Cruz will uphold and defend our existing laws with strong enforcement of illegal immigration; Trump says he is strong on illegal immigration, but then with his next breath says he will violate the law.
  7. Cruz will relentlessly restructure our Federal Budget; Trump has said nothing of substance about how he will fix the budget.

I can go on and on. If you are a checklist/comparison chart type of person, go here for your handy checklist.

There is not much time left. We need to push #CruzToTheWin with relentless force of conviction, and stop wasting time on people with blinders. I personally think that Trump is counting on all of this divisiveness, because the longer it goes on, the faster the clock runs out.

Trump has taken advantage of time. We are spending too much time on gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands that he never gets challenged with his lack of policy details.  Mainstream Media is not going to do it; Fox News has proven they will not do it; so it is up to us, and to the Cruz Campaign, to drive the relentless messaging.

I implore all of you – spend your time on Cruz, what he stands for, how it benefits our country, and the effect it will have on people’s lives. Instead of #NeverTrump, let’s #NeverSpeakOfTrump again.

The only way to #CruzToTheWin is to breathe all of the oxygen back into the room.

See you in the winner’s circle!