Rubio Just Another Kool-Aid Sipping Politician

Rubio Water

Delusion runs rampant in Washington DC these days, with Marco Rubio just another kool-aid sipping politician along with all the rest. Yes, despite all the evidence, Rubio wants to continue tilting at windmills, believing that pixie dust will magically revive his dying campaign.

Most politicians, like Rubio, are only in the game for themselves, not for the good of the country. It is when the chips are down that we get to see into the hearts of such people.

Rubio had a great opportunity to show that he is truly a statesman and truly wants the best for the nation. He could have carved out a great future as a bright and helpful Vice President, and would have become a great President in 8 years.

But, like nearly all the inhabitants of the Capitol cesspool, he has chosen to believe there is another day, another way in 4 years following more political debauchery and public malaise at the hand of liberals.

Because he is a typical politician, he fails to see the big picture – failing to see that his ego-filled decision making will be long-remembered by a disgusted electorate. Indeed, we still remember the Gang of 8 today, Marco – did you not learn a lesson?

I’ve heard you many times, Marco, speak with disdain about how Hillary Clinton lied to the faces of the families of the Benghazi fallen.

How, then, do you square that with allowing our country to fall into the wrong hands?