GOP Establishment Will Lead the Ruin of Fox News

It has been abundantly clear that Fox News is the cheerleader of the #AnyoneButCruz effort. What we are witnessing is the morphing of an organization from a center-right lean to a center-left lean. It is instructive in that we get a glimpse on how the slow drip of liberal tyranny infects its humanoids.

Worse yet, they don’t even realize it.

Fox’s pro-Trump bias, in particular, is forcing the Cruz and Rubio campaigns to spend more time on CNN, which is breathing life into an organization that was on its death bed.

Being directed upon high by Rupert Murdoch, both Fox and the Wall Street Journal have shown clear bias against Cruz by running primarily only casual stories. And today, Erick points out the utter disdain the WSJ has for Conservatives and for voters in general.

Murdoch himself can’t even find a way to mention Cruz ever:

The 2016 Election will prove to be a watershed moment, not just in politics, but in journalistic integrity and whether our country completely releases itself from the ledge from which it teeters.

And, once again, we can see the GOP Establishment hiding in plain sight, in Wizard of Oz fashion, madly pulling levers and blowing smoke in a futile attempt to continue feeding their ravenous appetite.

Eventually, a cannibal is faced with having to choose to feast upon itself.