Chris Wallace and Ted Cruz Scuffle on Fox News

Chris Wallace and Ted Cruz scuffled today on Fox News Sunday, with Cruz saying that Wallace was “reading the Donald Trump attack file” in outlining well-worn talking points about Cruz campaign “tactics”.

The full interview can be seen here, but the fireworks begin shortly after the start of this video portion:


With every passing day, it is clear many of the Fox News talking heads are, most likely with the implicit approval of management, in the tank for the GOPe in working to undermine the Cruz candidacy.

Cruz was more than ready to address Wallace’s bias, particularly pointing out how he failed to ask Donald Trump key questions during his interview with Trump.

Where were Wallace’s questions to Trump about the blatant use of Trump tee shirts by poll workers in Nevada?

It was also enlightening to see Wallace work to run out the clock by talking over Cruz, and whining about being called on gotcha questions rather than interviewing for substance.

Perhaps the folks at Fox News were a bit on edge given that they were apparently in-the-tank for the Gang of 8 legislation. How sad that a one-time beacon for conservative news and thought is now slowly and inexorably moving to the left.

Allow me to ask, then, Mr. Murdoch and Mr. Ailes this simple question – what would you do if Cruz and Rubio together formed a Conservative ticket to run independent of the Republican Party and Trump?