Hillary Clinton Will Never Become President

hillary clinton lies

We’ve heard and seen many polls that suggest Hillary Clinton will become President if she is so fortunate as to run against Donald Trump. Anyone making that prediction, regardless of “scientific” polling, is not properly measuring the disdain people have for Clinton.

First, I am of the opinion that she will not even make it to November 2016 as a candidate. I fully expect that she will be indicted in the email scandal and become poison for the Democrats. Plus, the distrust she has even inside her own party has allowed an avowed socialist – SOCIALIST! – to have even the slightest support from mainstream Democrats.

I have heard numerous times from committed Democrats that they hate Hillary. That is more likely to translate to Dems not voting in November – the same affect Romney experienced in 2012.

Second, people forget or are discounting Trump’s ability to attract many differing factions as he makes his way to the nomination. (Full disclosure – I am a Ted Cruz supporter, but I have resigned myself to the idea that Cruz and Marco Rubio will unite too late to beat Trump). In what has turned out to be a Twilight Zone Republican primary, Trump is proving to have that magical Teflon armor that allows him to avoid proper scrutiny.

If Clinton were to somehow escape the wrath of the FBI*, the idea that people will swarm to her rather than Trump is folly. Trump will veer left (back to his natural tendencies), attracting many moderate Democrats to vote for him, along with a clear majority of independent voters.

One glance at an Electoral Map makes it obvious Clinton cannot win. She will lose Florida, whether it is Trump or Rubio; she loses Ohio, the one true value Kasich delivers; she will lose all of the moderate to leaning red states – North Carolina, Nevada, Colorado, Nebraska, Indiana, Montana, Missouri; and she will lose Iowa, thanks in part to Joni Ernst and Terry Branstad, and thanks to many Dems staying home rather than voting.

Counting the states that have been reliably Republican since 2000, the result gives Trump 278 Electoral College votes and the win. Add in potential pick-ups in New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Michigan, and Trump could end up over 300.

This all, of course, assumes that Trump will come off as less of a liar and phony than Hillary. The idea of the two of them on the stage together “debating” is enough for me to want to take another shower or two in an attempt to cleanse every brain cell – a subject for another day.

While I hope and pray that Cruz and Rubio will figure out a way to halt the Trump Express, I feel less anxiety about another Clinton Presidency with every day of new email scandal exposures.

Hillary Clinton will never become President.

The electorate of this Republic can’t be THAT dumb….. Can they?


* If the FBI fails to indict Hillary, our Republic will indeed have gone Full Banana.