Who Would You Rather Have Facing Putin – Cruz or Rubio?

It’s a simple question – who would you rather have facing Vladamir Putin in serious negotiations – Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio?

I submit that the answer to that question tells us which Conservative best represents our chances at altering the trajectory of where our country is headed in the next 20-30 years.

Yes, I am a Cruz supporter, yet I will gladly vote for Rubio if he were the only remaining choice. But, the problem I have with Marco Rubio is that I simply do not believe he has the background or the chops to face down what is becoming another evil Soviet Empire.

And if Rubio can’t do that, he also won’t be able to properly orchestrate the Conservative changes that MUST be made in order to put our country on a path to success and away from the Obama malaise.

Yes, Ted Cruz rubs people the wrong way. I heard someone in a Fox focus group call him “smug”. And yes, while he is the most thoughtful conservative politician we have seen since Ronald Reagan, he does not have Reagan’s gift of personal engagement.

But, we have spent the last 25+ years whittling away at the gift Reagan presented us with, under the direction of varying degrees of liberal policy-making, and we cannot afford anymore slight course corrections. Obama has spent the last 7.5 years driving pedal-to-metal toward utter disaster, and the next Republican President is going to have to pull a bootleg turn in order to save our Republic.

Obama’s fecklessness in the face of Putin’s aggression has created yet one more crisis the next POTUS will have to fix. While I do believe that Donald Trump is more than up to the task of facing down Putin, it is the rest of his actions that will lead to more progressive domestic policies. And, nothing I have seen from Rubio gives me any degree of confidence that he can go toe-to-toe with Putin.

We already have an “articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy” President today who has proven to be a weak negotiator. Marco Rubio may be an attractive candidate to the masses with a more personal style, but style is not going to cut it when confronting Chinese and Russian aggression.

The time for choosing is upon us. Conservatives need to unite quickly behind Cruz or Rubio, in order to stop the Trump train. Ask yourself, which candidate has confronted Trump, and called him on his b.s.? Then ask yourself, which Conservative candidate is not going to allow the Russians and Chinese to run roughshod as they rush to take advantage of the Obama black hole?

Let’s stop the petty personality politics and start thinking big picture. Rubio and Cruz are both great candidates, and we are fortunate to be able to choose between them. But, delivering results, significantly changing where we are headed, and having a style that is both feared and respected internationally are traits unique to Ted Cruz. There is a reason the Republican Establishment is positioning to support Rubio, and it has nothing to do with leadership.