Trump and Rubio Prove How Bankrupt Our Political System Is

We have watched and read with sadness this week, leading up to the South Carolina Primary, how Marco Rubio has completely gulped the nectar of a bankrupt political system, and aligned his campaign tactics with that of Donald Trump.

These tactics* involve calling people liars, hurling insults, innuendos, and invectives, all while lying directly about your own involvement in liberal policies.

At this stage of the 2016 campaign, Trump’s progressive leanings are well-documented. Of course, in order to dupe a starving Republican audience, he engages in sleight-of-hand nuance to deflect the obvious.

During Saturday’s Republican debate, Marco Rubio jumped off the narrow fence he had been walking while deflecting his own ill-advised assault on liberty with his Gang of Eight involvement. Instead of engaging the liberal leanings of Trump, Rubio instead engaged in Trump Theatre, calling Ted Cruz a liar and playing a petty game of Elite pandering.

Rubio has followed up this progressive jump with more Cruz name-calling, and is now insisting that he was some type of double secret agent when it came to his front-man appearance on behalf of the Gang of Eight and amnesty for illegal immigrants.

While elections are rough and tumble affairs, forcing good people to massage their words and prior actions, there is a difference between explaining away slight missteps and outright deceit.

Kudos to Trump, as he tapped into a deep-seated anger the electorate had for our political system and a political class that is beholden to no one but special interests. Yet, he has followed this with not much else but insults, lies, and an attitude that is anything but truly conservative. Incredibly -perhaps because our society has become so enamored with entertainment figures – his supporters seem immune to his boss-you’d-never-want-to-work-for attitude.

Try to nail Trump down on specific policy issues, and you get nothing but platitudes and “It’s going to be great” comments. For all of his billions, he is really not much beyond a polyester empty suit. For years, we have been told that bullying is a bad trait, yet thousands upon thousands love them some Trump Bully.

Meanwhile, in the last week, Rubio is proving himself to be one of those kids who follows around The Bully, wanting to be so-liked by the rest of the kids. In the process, the kid-follower tries to mimic The Bully’s traits and language, in a futile attempt at recognition.

Trump Theatre is a truly sad performance to watch unfold, as it exposes how disengaged the mass populace is while the deceit unfolds before their very eyes. Our sound-bite society responds to whistle calls without so much as a glance to see what the alert is all about.

The irony is that a vast majority of those who feel so disenfranchised by Washington DC can see nothing but shiny objects in Trump Theatre. The very cause of their frustration – liberal policies that enable and embolden The Ruling Class to the detriment of the nation – has become so engrained that they can’t even recognize the exact same characteristics in a politician bearing good tidings and words of little substance.

The question for Conservatives is – will we continue to allow The Bully and his new kid-follower to pillage and plunder the electorate? We need to stop simply shaking our heads at Trump Theatre and start exposing the deceit as often as possible.

If a constant drumbeat of truth is not heard far and often, what remains of our Republic and our liberty will become nothing more than another entertainer bankruptcy, relegated to a 140-character tweet.


* A far better word would be antics, but that would be an insult to comedians