A Glorious January Day Awaits

Oath of Office

It is a glorious January day, the day so many have hoped for. Millions eagerly await the inauguration of the early middle-aged Senator, promising a brighter tomorrow and a change – finally – in how government operates.

The Senator, known for his ability to argue his positions forcefully, stands ready to lead America back from the brink of self-inflicted disaster, utilizing an educated perspective and background. He does not hail from a wealthy upbringing; indeed, he brings with him the perspective of an immigrant.

There is an air of uneasiness, as the Senator was not the first, or even second, choice of “The Establishment” during the primary phase. But, the Party looks on proudly as their newest heir completes the last step of this journey….

Yes, this is what awaits us, Conservatives, in January 2017, whether it is President Rubio or Cruz.


Is this not the same story from January 2009?

Leon Wolf’s blog post today elicits valuable perspective on the outsider phenomenon, and is well worth the time to read. However, why do we believe a Senator who has an ‘R’ will be any different than a Senator with a ‘D’, and better than a billionaire whose political philosophy is…. well, haphazard.

(And before anyone casts me as a Trumpette, or Trumpzombie, or whatever – I am in fact a Cruz supporter, although December 15-16, 2015 has caused a cringe-worthy surprise)

Why is it we believe that [mc_name name=’Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000595′ ] or [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ] can create the sea-change we wish in Washington? Leon laments in his astute opinion piece the potential rerouting of a road that has been carefully and thoughtfully paved these last few years.

Remember, there were stories from the earliest days of the Obama Administration about how the deified savior was frustrated that he could not achieve the speed he wanted due to the inherent Beltway Inertia.

Why do we believe our young Senators will be able to do any different?

I struggle with this thought every day, as I see the attraction to Trump amplify. It is this struggle and reality that Donald Trump has tapped into.

Has Trump outwitted all of us? To be honest, I just don’t know. There are times when I think he is crazy like a fox, times when I think he has incredible timing and luck, and times when he needs a muffler.

The solution to our problems is not just the election of an ‘R’ or a ‘D’. The solution lies in the ability of an individual to take ABSOLUTE control of The Beltway Inertia. It is one of the reasons I support Cruz, because he does appear to have the chops to shake things up.

However, Cruz will have to convert his aggravation of The Inertia into absolute disruption, a task even Ronald Reagan struggled with. One of Rubio’s challenges is to be less malleable when the chips are on the table.

Notably with Trump, you ‘feel’ he WILL fire some people. He at least has a history.

But will he? And can he?

Let’s be honest – Trump’s an enigma wrapped in a riddle. His lack of details when responding to questions is exasperating.

Cruz’ immigration misstep this week exposed vulnerabilities. If it was truly a strategy of his during 2013, why was he so tongue-tied in explaining it? Yes, as Erick Erickson pointed out, the election process is not easy, and mistakes will be made. But, Cruz IS a politician, when it boils right down to it all.

Can a Senator with only a background in politics and law cause a disruption in The Beltway Inertia?

Conversely, will a bombastic billionaire, with proven liberal views, actually confront the beast that is Washington DC, or will he revert to creating more Establishment policies and programs?

I will strenuously support and defend whoever the Republican nominee is, because our country can no longer withstand the destruction the Democrats have wrought.

But the time for withstanding the destruction of The Beltway Inertia, which has been foisted upon us by members and lobbyists of BOTH parties for decades, is long past its expiration date. Intuitively, many people of this nation understand this destruction now, and it is one of the reasons for The Trump Phenomenon.

Nonetheless, as opinions and consternation grows around Trump, we Conservatives need to stop vilifying, overtly or subtly, those that support ANY of our candidates as crazy lunatics. History reminds us that no candidate is immune from policy roadblocks.

The REAL lunacy exists inside The Beltway and on ‘K Street’, and within those foolish miscreants who support the unlawful and deceitful Clinton Mafia. That is where we must focus our invective’s.

So that January 2017 can indeed be a glorious day for us all….