Join in National Amnesty Protests!

For all Americans concerned about the wave of illegal immigrants flooding into our nation and the damage that could be done by providing blanket amnesty to these individuals, here is your opportunity to make your voice heard!

As shown in the image above, there will be protests conducted all across America this weekend.  A comprehensive list of locations and sponsors can be found at this site.  As of the time this entry is being posted, there are 291 different protests scheduled!!!  Please check to find the one nearest you!

If you would like to organize a protest rally in your area, it is not too late.  You can submit the information at the link shown above.  (If you want to protest at an overpass, you can also post the information at one of the FB page links that are shown further down the page.)

There are three Twitter hashtags that will be used during the protests.  These are #MakeThemListen, #NoAmnesty, and #SecureTheBorder.  If you attend one of the protests or if you simply pass by one while you’re out and around town, please snap a few pictures or take a brief video. Link the videos and images back to the Twitter feed so that all of us can share them, please.  You can also submit pictures and videos to [email protected].

Here’s an opportunity to make our voices heard on this issue!!  We can let those in DC know that we are paying attention! Let’s rally behind these protests and support them all we can!!

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