Elisa Bauer: Potential Case Of Government-Imposed Abortion and Sterilization

There is a pending court case in Nevada that deserves our attention because it could establish a very dangerous precedent in the future.

The case involves Elisa Bauer, a 32-year-old woman who is mentally and physically disabled due to fetal alcohol syndrome.  Fetal alcohol syndrome develops when an expectant mother consumes alcohol during pregnancy.  This can result in developmental issues for the child that lead to long-term health problems such as abnormal heart structure, behavioral problems, and/or mental retardation.  Elisa suffers from epilepsy and is reported to have the mental and social capacity of a 6-year-old.

Elisa was adopted at birth and has remained under court-approved legal guardianship of her adoptive parents, even though the decision was made for Elisa to live in a group home.  Elisa has been known to leave the group home for hours or days at a time to engage in sexual activity with men at a local truck stop.

Elisa is now 11 weeks pregnant.  Washoe County Social Services has issued a request to have a local Court set a status hearing to evaluate the potential adverse effects that Elisa’s pregnancy could have on both Elisa and the unborn child. What is currently being suggested is that the Court should have the legal right not only to enforce an abortion of the unborn child but also to dictate that Elisa be sterilized involuntarily.

There are six families who are waiting in line to adopt this child.  Elisa’s adoptive family is willing to provide for her care during her pregnancy.  Expert physicians who have been consulted have stated that although constant monitoring would be required during Elisa’s pregnancy, abortion is neither necessary nor prudent.

Pro-abortion proponents, in the name of “caring about women’s health” and “what’s best for society as whole” are pushing our nation in the direction of gross governmental paternalism to the point that government becomes the definitive source on issues pertaining to the sanctity of life and who has the right to live or die.

We need to watch this case very carefully because if the decision of forced abortion and involuntary sterilization is ruled in this case, it could very easily set a dangerous precedent for all of us.

In the meantime, we need to share Elisa’s story with others who genuinely desire to protect and preserve the sanctity of all human life.  For those who are willing to do so, Elisa’s family has established a facebook page in her behalf where concerned citizens can show their support for Elisa.  There is also a petition that has been generated to try to save Elisa’s baby.