Watching London Burn...

Today is coming to an end in England, and already there are new reports of violence on the streets.

Less than an hour ago, a twitter post was noted that sales of baseball bats has increased 5000% on Amazon!  A low base is being assumed, but it’s still significant.  No one knows for certain who is buying the bats…protesters or citizens seeking to defend themselves.

David Cameron and other members of Parliament have returned to London from their standard Parliamentary vacation breaks to deal with the crisis.  There will be over 16,000 police on the streets of London tonight, hoping to preserve some sense of law and order.  A request has been sent out for volunteers among retired officers to sustain other areas of the nation.

As of now, reports are coming in that the civil violence has moved to other areas of the nation, including both Birmingham and Manchester.

Here’s a live feed link for those who care to follow events as they unfold.