The Society of Burdens to Society

I got some news yesterday from a friend that I just have to share with RS readers. I think you’ll enjoy it.

This is about four senior citizens in our area, all ladies in their seventies, who for all intents and purposes were content to just be retirees…until President Obama and his legion of socialists came along. Now, these ladies call themselves “The Society of Burdens to Society”.

I’ve known these ladies for over three years now. Even prior to the election, they had their share of questions about candidate Obama. As one of them said at the time, “There’s something about that man that is just shifty. I don’t trust him as far as I can spit”. Not long after the election, when they got an idea of which direction our economy was moving in, these very astute ladies decided that they needed to take action. Three of them sold their homes (yes, even in this market!) and they all moved in with the fourth lady. They now have one power bill, one set of property taxes to pay, etc., and they each pay their share of food and necessities. They got rid of two vehicles, cutting their automotive expenses, insurance and vehicle taxes. It has turned out to be a shrewd move on their part. In their own words, “Even burdens to society need someone to depend on, and if we can’t depend on our government, we’ll just have to depend on each other”.

Back in August of 2009, when all the town hall meetings first started to happen, they decided that they didn’t like the idea of “being railroaded into the hereafter”. One of them went so far as to say that “God will take me in His own good time, not before, regardless of anything other people might want, and I don’t wish it on God to be spiteful, but it wouldn’t bother me one bit if He let me live to be 100 years old, just to prove a point”. (You gotta’ love them, don’t you?)

Just like that, in the blink of an eye, the days of being just retirees came to an abrupt halt for these ladies. Since that time, they’ve been on a mission. They proceeded to set up a few businesses which they operate jointly and those businesses have been fairly successful.

I got word yesterday that apparently these ladies have established a rather sizeable social network. According to their own description, they are helping other burdens to society set up co-operative living arrangements, and they’ve been providing business loans to other burdens to society as well. They’ve made sure that burdens to society living alone have food to eat and heat to keep them warm. And they’ve even made efforts to ensure that some burdens to society are getting the home health care services that they need. (Talk about sowing the kind of seed that reaps blessings!!!)

When I got the word of their progress, I couldn’t help but laugh. I laughed so hard it made my stomach ache. And it was a happy, joyful laughter of seeing the resiliency and strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity. But after the laughter died down a bit, a prayer began to go up from my heart. I’m just a little over a generation behind these ladies, and time moves by more quickly now. I’m already praying that as I grow into my grand and glorious years as a burden to society, that God will grant to me that same heart, mind, and spirit that these ladies have displayed, because if He does, then perhaps I can set an example that will inspire the generation behind me in the same manner that the example of these ladies has inspired me. May God bless our wise and truly valuable burdens to society and may we always have them with us in our hearts and minds.