Palin Choice Gives Voters a Reason to Vote FOR McCain

This thought echoes others, but the reason why I LOVE the Palin pick is that it reinforces the reason why voters will be attracted to McCain, because he is a reformer.

I have been frustrated with the tone of the campaign to the extent that it has focused on Obama as inexperienced. Not that this isn’t a valid point, but I don’t think it will ultimately decide it for many voters. (It didn’t work against Bill Clinton).

Ultimately, I think we have to give voters a reason to vote for the Republican ticket, and McCain and Palin both have the bona fides on standing up for reform, including against members of their own party (albeit misplaced in the case of Johnnie Mac on occasion).

I really really hope that we see a convention that is strongly pro- McCain/Palin and less anti-Obama.