Our younger generations today are held captive in their ignorance of American history. Imprisoned with the bars of their parents who participated in ‘the sixties’. Most citizens do NOT realize that the Students For A Democratic Society (SDS) and the ‘Underground’ helped us lose the war in Vietnam! Furthermore, neither do young people today know that the United States was caught red handed in the late 70’s stealing oil from IRAQ. Americans and American government have to be held accountable and own how we have contributed to the conflicts of our foreign affairs. The larger problem is protecting ISRAEL from IRAN. The United States of America is their ally and we have an obligation to create a safe harbor for our armed services to refuel in the Middle East and stand with ISRAEL. IRAN is the problem NOT IRAQ. Persons who believe our current war is a war about oil are nothing short of ignorant.
Additionally, the moral fabric of our American society has deteriorated for decades as the SDS bred their mindsets into mainstream culture infiltrating the workplace.

Here is a sampling of my point of view.


‘Pro-Choice’ males are an oxymoron. If we are to support pro-choice then how do you honor the concept of choice if that choice is being isolated to one gender? If indeed, a life is NOT a life until outside the womb-then what exactly are you aborting?


I do thank reality television and their talent coordinating personnel for casting so many openly gay persons on their shows. Fortunately, a blessing in disguise to dispel all stereotype so that the broader American and global audience may witness first hand how often homosexuals seem not able to coexist with a team effort when mixed with persons who do not align themselves with their thinking. In reality television at least we see gay men do not get along with women and they are quick to stab their ‘own’ in the back to spare themselves. Yet they are the most outspoken and the first to make fools of themselves on television. They do not need my articulation to make the mockery they make of themselves with graceful aplomb. It seems ridiculous to speak of reality television programming to make my point but frankly that medium is what dominates the tube at this time.

Perhaps, I am not alone when I see the brokenness of people and their need for Jesus Christ. I myself needed Jesus Christ to lift me out of the very same lifestyle that I speak of- I know first hand of this brokenness and the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ and our Father in heaven.


I detested the Clinton’s when they were in office and their sheer hunger for power. Bill Clinton made a mockery of the Oval office and lied under oath. I wanted nothing more than to remove any of the residue of the Clinton Administration from our governing powers. The Clinton’s political machine is yes a powerful one-but I will not sit by on election day and watch the soil where I live become poisoned beyond recognition without standing with my fellow American and making my vote count.


To the young people who are of voting age I encourage you to make your voice known. You are the leaders of tomorrow. Please do not join the ranks of non-registered voters who don’t want to place their name on history. That is political suicide. That position is the mother of apathy. You will make a difference. You will lead this country someday. How will you develop your skill to lead? Will it be from shaking your fist? Will it be from the muteness of your mind and tongue? Find your voice not the voice of your parents.


The freedoms we enjoy as Americans have imprisoned democracy. This is a republic. Freedom is not a license for any person to come to this country and live as they wish. When you live on American soil-you live by the laws of this land. Let go of that… and that island you think everyone should move to if they want to live however they damn well please …will be an island known as the Divided States of America.

Not on my watch.


I grew up in the sixties and seventies in the Midwest, a typical middle class Roman Catholic neighborhood. We went to private catholic school with the same kids for all twelve years. When someone died in the neighborhood-we brought over a hot dish for meals throughout the day for a week so that the persons mourning the death of their family member didn’t have to think about cooking or entertaining guests. That sentiment seems gone today. Does it only take a catastrophe like 9-11 or a major flood or earthquake to bring people out of there subscription to SELF magazine long enough to lend a hand and an ear to a fellow man? As a community we will have to come together with all of our differences and learn from one another and about one another. From this perhaps we can arrive at something universal in all of us that connects us regardless of our manifestos or politics. But I will not rewrite the Constitution to accommodate anyone’s lifestyle. Suppose we were to author any law you wanted to accommodate whatever you want to do in the name of the freedoms you think are an amenity of living in the United States of America? Then what……? That is not the definition of the freedoms we enjoy in this nation.

We need leadership. Leadership founded in Christianity upon which this great nation was established. Leadership with experience. Honestly, I could give a rats ass who becomes the first black, the first female or the first gay…who the freak cares. I don’t want a trophy wife and I certainly don’t want a trophy president.

Is everyone ignoring the fact that our soldiers enlisted, they were not drafted. They signed up to serve their country and that is what they are doing. They thought they were signing up for a free education and bit off more than what their parents can chew. Touch love. Then don’t enlist.

Vietnam didn’t start as a war. It began by the United States sending advisers to Vietnam. Eventually we had to send troops to protect our advisers. Then more troops to protect those troops. What are you going to do…flip off all those young men and women who are serving their country so you can enjoy your freedoms. Pull out and leave them understaffed, unguarded? There is a reason why the Bible is the number one best seller. Oh-you don’t think of it as a document of religious faith…fine. How about it’s account of history? Or biblical prophecy? Do you even know for yourself what it says or only what you think it says. What are you going to do …rip out pages that you don’t like until you find a version that fits into your lifestyle? Open it. Read it. Check into it’s authenticity. Find out for yourself what it says about ISRAEL!

Obviously I could rant in all different directions here. I think I needed to get some things off my chest about many of these current hot topics. They are indeed hot topics that no one wants to discuss. You know what happens when nations or groups of people don’t have discussions? Borders are drawn and fenced and guarded and armed. And you have war. We have to talk with one another…if nothing else-share your thoughts.

PLEASE join my support for McCAIN*PALIN for the November 2008 election.

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