Mom, You Need to Sign My Field Trip Permission Slip--to the Shooting Range

Middle school students in Pueblo County School District, Pueblo, Colorado, recently took a field trip that the kids truly enjoyed.  No boring trip to the local bank to see how deposits are handled, no trip to the loading dock at the supermarket to see how food moves from trucks to shopper’s carts.  No, this field trip was all about learning gun safety and proper handling of a firearm.  A national gun safety organization, Appleseed, got permission from the Pueblo County Sheriff’s office to first bring weapons into the school and classroom where kids learned about a variety of guns.  The next step was the shooting range, where students that had proper permission from their parents, were able to fire live ammo and see first hand what proper handling and safety is all about.  Congrats to this school district, the county sheriff, school officials, parents and Appleseed for taking a forward-thinking approach to help educate students in a professional and safe environment.  The kids loved it!