Colorado Rep. Dan Nordberg, Rising Conservative Star

The question of whether conservatism is a dying commodity in Colorado has been frequently debated in recent years.  With two Democrats as sitting U. S. Senators, a Democrat governor and a majority that voted to twice elect Mr. Obama, the conservative voice has been rather lost in the wilderness.  Once the phony Greek columns were taken down, and the hundreds of American flags left trampled under foot by exuberant convention-goers departing the home turf of our beloved Broncos were disposed that August night in 2008, the conservative heart despaired.  More pain would follow when Dem’s gained full control of the General Assembly after the 2012 elections.  Colorado has remained in the political headlines (and crosshairs) since.  Legalization of recreational marijuana and civil unions have invoked plenty of national attention.   Additionally, with the passage of anti-2nd Amendment laws and the subsequent exodus of some firearms and ammo-related companies from the state, would conservative values be reflected in state governance anytime soon?  A small group of average citizens decided they weren’t going to take the impingement of their 2nd Amendment freedom without a fight.  A grassroots movement ensued with the unprecedented consequence of two Democrat senators being recalled and replaced by two Republicans in a special election.  A “Conservative Spring” was in the air.

First-term House representative, Dan Nordberg, of Colorado Springs has hit the ground running in taking the fight for conservatism to the Gold Dome in Denver.  A champion for lower taxes for families in these uncertain times and reduced gov’t regulations and obstacles for small businesses,  Nordberg wants Colorado to reassert balance of power through Constitutional authority granted under the 10th Amendment.  He also advocates a budgeting plan to include a significant Rainy Day fund to help reduce dependency on the federal gov’t.  He is a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment, recognizing it as a right of the law-abiding citizen, as opposed to being a privilege.  He was able to garner bipartisan support in passage of a bill that fights against human trafficking. Dan Nordberg’s conservative credentials were underscored in 2013 when he was awarded the “Defender of Liberty” honor from the American Conservative Union.

He is co-sponsor of a bill right now that would grant authority of the State Auditor to conduct performance audits of Colorado’s healthcare exchange, Connect for Health Colorado (CHC).  CHC’s CEO made national news in December when she requested a 3% increase to her $190,549 annual salary, along with a 10% bonus, in spite of dismal enrollment numbers in the exchange.  She is fighting the audit bill proposed by Nordberg, claiming her organization has plenty of oversight by federal agencies, such as the IRS. (Hopefully, if asked for those audit findings, the IRS won’t claim the 5th Amendment.)  The CHC has been wrought with problems that should make any taxpayer uneasy.  They are currently running about 33% over budget and another executive, the health director, has been relieved of her duties following the revelation that she is named in an alleged federal embezzlement scheme while employed in Montana.

Dan Nordberg, young conservative from Colorado’s House District 14, is a rising star that both Coloradoans and the nation are going to hear from as conservatism makes a comeback. While apologists for the U.S. House of Representatives claim little to nothing can be done since they only control one half of one third of government, there are elected officials, such as Dan Nordberg, that aren’t content to sit back and hope their party retakes control; they are fighting the fight every day and making as much progress toward the return of conservative values as possible!