Will the infantile apes please stop flinging poo and grow up?

chimpsWe can all benefit from an occasional rant.  If President Obama gets to do it (over and over again), and the Trumpkins get to do it with gusto, why can’t the rest of us?

So here’s mine.

Many conservatives are pursuing an unconstitutional and, frankly, cruel, view of over a billion people based on what book they’re taught and the circumstances of their birth.

Many liberals are pursuing an unconstitutional and, frankly, insulting view of over 100 million Americans based on the fact that such people claim the right of self defense with a firearm.

You’re both being infantile, poo-flinging apes. STOP IT.

Muslims are not ALL terrorists. Gun owners are not ALL homicidal. But Islamic radicals plus guns = bad idea. “Gun free” zones for legal, safe citizens is a worse idea. This political correctness crap has got to stop. Let people report their fears without fearing ridicule. But “gasp! A stranger’s got a GUN in a restaurant! Let’s all run and hide because it’s so scary!” is just stupid.

Every single God-loving day, these same people see guns everywhere. On TV, in video games, carried by police. But the guy at the next table whose shirt rides high and they catch a glimpse of a pistol–oh my God it’s a killer! Then they go home and play Grand Theft Auto and brag about their body count.

Neighbors should look out for each other and get their faces out of their iPhones all day. We should notice when neighbors change their personalities. We should be okay going to them and asking “hey, Abdul, nice new AR-15! Where’d you get it?” And if the answer isn’t Bass Pro Shops (as in “screw you!”) we should be able to talk to someone to look further into it.

If we see the “weird kid” in town start driving by schools all day, that’s a good sign someone needs to check him out. Many tragedies are preventable if people would take some responsibility for looking after each other. But instead, we run to the all-powerful nanny state and say “solve our problems for us!” Or we run to Fox News after people are dead and say how we could have done something but we were scared.

It’s called “society” for a reason, people. If we want only the government vetting everyone in our lives so we can live without knowing each other, we will end up with a police state. I for one find that highly undesirable.

For the love of your neighbor, can we please all grow up and stop behaving like four year olds fighting over a toy? It’s not even good entertainment anymore.