Trump and the Know-Nothings: Nothing has changed


Once again, the Know-Nothings have surfaced like mold growing on overripe fruit.  Led by Donald Trump, Captain of the U.S.S. Bombast, Lord High King of Blather, the red-blooded vein of “real Americans” have shown their stripes—keep everyone who isn’t like “us” out.

But Trump does have a point.  In 2001, President George W. Bush grounded all air traffic, because he didn’t know which airplanes contained terrorists.  Casting a wide net to get through a temporary period of instability is not a new idea.  Curfews in Baltimore, shooting looters in post-Katrina New Orleans, and keeping the White House grounds (the “people’s house” my lily-white tuchas) free of intruders are necessary security measures to maintain order and stability in society.

Letting every Muslim into our country is a policy nobody favors because it would admit hordes of America-hating terrorists.  Look at what it’s done to France (and soon, Germany and Belgium).

As I wrote in August, Trump speaks for a base that feels abandoned by the Republican Party, and the rise of this new Know-Nothing group should signal the GOP in the same way it preceded the death of the Whigs in 1853.

Donald Trump’s message resonates with many Republicans because he speaks what most of us know, and doesn’t hold his tongue or make excuses for our elected representatives’ failure to deal with immigration problems over the last three decades our failure to end the rise of Islamic terrorism, and our failure to keep the American economy growing.

Nothing has changed since August, only the topic. Instead of Mexican immigration and a “big, beautiful wall” we have Islamic terror and a “big, beautiful wall” that only keeps Muslims out.  And Trump’s reaction to those who attack him also has not changed; he will double-down on his remarks and use personal attacks against those who criticize.

It’s who he is.

Trump is a direct result of the GOP’s inability to define itself as a party with a purpose.  If the GOP is defined as “everything that isn’t Democrat” then it’s nothing more than the Whigs of 1854.  Dead.

The GOP needs to grow up, man up, and deal with the issues without kowtowing to liberal Zeitgeist and political correctness (no matter how mild).  This means some candidates will have to graciously bow out of the race to make room for those who can run successfully against the Know-Nothings.

Either that, or the Republicans may go the way of the Whigs.