The coming civil war


If Vegas set odds on President Obama’s speech to the nation tonight, it would be 5:1 that he’ll focus on terrorism, and 50:1 if you add the word “Islamic” (which in combination with “terror” creates a sound he seems incapable of producing—it comes out as a squeaking cough).

Somehow, with 350 million guns on the street, the American Left’s universe, in all it’s European glory, thinks that we can just end 225 years of civilian gun ownership in this country.  They think that by applying enough ink and sound in the media, that Americans will see “reason” and just turn in their guns.  How wrong they are, and dangerously so.

They bolster their arguments by promoting stupidity on an order of magnitude normally reserved for hoaxes (such as this video from normally sane Fox News that supposes it’s really easy to turn your semi-automatic AR-15 into an Al Capone-era machine gun).  They ignore undisputed evidence that as private gun ownership increased, the gun murder rate decreased over the last 24 years.  They discard logic that criminals would have weapons no matter what laws they passed.

But the biggest fact they ignore is that Americans would go to war to keep their guns, because that’s what the founders intended.  The Second Amendment exists to prevent exactly the kind of government takeover of our society that the Left proposes.  Gun confiscation by the government is the one event, in particular, that the Constitution’s drafters wished to prevent, at all costs.

If what the New York Times editorial board suggested Friday actually came to pass, it would indeed spark a civil war.  That fact was not lost on anyone who has read the Constitution.

Certain kinds of weapons, like the slightly modified combat rifles used in California, and certain kinds of ammunition, must be outlawed for civilian ownership. It is possible to define those guns in a clear and effective way and, yes, it would require Americans who own those kinds of weapons to give them up for the good of their fellow citizens.

Is the Times (as mouthpiece for the Left) talking about the “assault weapons ban” of the 1990’s?  No.  This is no ban on gun sales, it’s a confiscation plan.  And as for defining those guns, the only way to do it is to ban all semi-automatic multi-round long guns that accept magazines.  That means every single one of them.

Guns are pretty simple devices, really.  They all have pretty similar parts: a barrel, a chamber, a firing pin.  Where they differ is in ejection and loading mechanisms, attachment points, aiming devices, and grips.  The Left (and likely, the president) favor taking from private owners every single long gun that uses some kind of mechanism to eject the previously fired cartridge and load a new one without manual pulling of a bolt or charging handle.

And why would they stop with long guns?  Next will be every semi-automatic handgun (because the MAC-10, a weapon popular with certain gangs, is a pistol, not a rifle), then every double-action revolver.  Essentially, they want every firearm that goes “pew, pew” by just pulling the trigger without having to load a new round manually.

Exactly how would they take these guns?  At gunpoint, leaving only the government with such weapons.  That’s the society they want, whether it’s a better society or not (and it certainly wouldn’t be better by the standards of “liberty” as held by the Constitution).

There is no possible way the government can legally achieve this society in the current political climate.  But that won’t stop them.  The courts can “interpret” the Constitution regardless of the will of the people or the legislative branch—as they’ve done with abortion and marriage.  The executive branch can order whatever the president likes, and let the lawyers battle it out in court with restraining orders and appeals, but in the meantime, the black helicopters can come to your neighborhood.

If it comes to that, the Left is betting that law-abiding citizens will kneel before the power of the almighty State.  But they won’t.  Entire cities, counties, and states will revolt against such an order.  They will wholesale refuse to carry it out.  And if forced, they will use the very instruments the government seeks to expropriate to fight, many to the death, for the right granted them to throw off tyranny.  This is not a matter of “regulation” of gun ownership, it’s a touchdown pass for the Left to transform this country from a Republic founded on individual liberty, representative government and citizen sovereignty to a State based solely on a sovereign government’s will.

In one fell swoop, we will have transformed ourselves from citizens to subjects.  And the innate Americanism in all of us knows it.  It doesn’t matter if just 10 percent of us are willing to clutch to our guns until they take them from our cold, dead hands.  It doesn’t matter if the “bitter clingers” constitute only 35 million of us.  That’s 35 million soldiers in a civil war against tyranny.  The last civil war was fought by roughly 1.2 million combatants on both sides.  This one would pit at least ten times that number against some percentage of the 1.1 million police officers who would enforce the government’s will.

If the president chose to ignore posse comitatus (18 U.S. Code § 1385), add another quarter of a million combatants to the mix.  But not all of them would fight for the government.  In the next civil war, we’ll have heavily armed citizens, police, and military against the government’s forces.  Any such skirmish will be a blood bath, never mind the fact that foreign enemies could use the situation to wreck havoc on us.

The Left doesn’t believe it would actually come to this.  They are wrong, and they’re playing a very dangerous game of chicken.  The spirit that moved citizens to stand their ground on Lexington Green in the face of the red coats still runs strong in America.  Using excuses like foreign terrorism and the mentally ill to cover their rank idiocy won’t spare the lives the Left is willing to sacrifice to gain absolute power.

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