RNC's debate 'GreenGate': they're on to something; 'fix the glitch'


paul_greenroomThe RNC has finally found a good use of polling results in arranging debates:  “green room” allocations.

In what will undoubtedly be dubbed “GreenGate,” [mc_name name=’Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’P000603′ ]’s campaign threw a hissy fit over their facilities versus the other, higher-polling candidates.

Politico broke the story like it was Deep Throat.

After the walk-through ended, RNC officials, led by chief strategist Sean Spicer and director of finance events Anne Marie Hoffman, guided the 35 or so advisers upstairs for a meeting. There, Spicer complained about a series of recent press leaks on RNC-led conference calls with campaigns. He also outlined the planned format for the fourth Republican debate, to be held in Milwaukee and broadcast on Fox Business on Nov. 10.

But with some campaign advisers steaming over what they’d seen during the walk-through, the discussion veered back to greenrooms.

“This is ridiculous,” fumed Christie’s campaign manager, Ken McKay. “We’re in a restroom.”

Paul’s team also piped in, with one adviser, Chris LaCivita, demanding that something be done to remedy the situation.

“Was there any advance done on the campaign work spaces?” he asked. “Because it sure as hell doesn’t seem like it.”

Of course, Donald Trump got a room befitting the billionaire’s rather ornate tastes, Dr. Ben Carson and Carly FIorina also received plush facilities.

I think the RNC is on to something.  Want to narrow the field, just “fix the glitch.”  They should have left a red Swingline stapler on Paul’s folding card table just to make the point.  That would be really great.

Instead of pressing ahead, the RNC caved to Paul, giving him what looks like a converted locker room, with an upgraded folding card table and no plush leather in sight.

Note to Paul, Christie, and certain other low-polling primary trolls:  take the hint.

P.S. For full disclosure, I am one of “those guys” who received a call from the Paul campaign raking me over for the mere implication that Paul wasn’t a leader in the fight against abortion, in a post that wasn’t remotely about the senator.  When I refused to change the language, the staffer sniffed “who’s your editor?”  After a laugh, I said “Erick Erickson” and he hung up on me.  Bunch of four-year-olds over there in Rand Land if you ask me.