So goes Baltimore as a third-world city, so Hillary would make America in their image


Baltimore has just cemented its place as a tin-hat, third-world dictatorship, complete with nepotism and one-party-rule.

Nick Mosby, husband of self-serving Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, is running for mayor.  Mosby—the husband—is a city councilman, and if he wins, would create the ultimate Democrat power couple in “Charm City.”

If Mosby wins, Baltimore deserves him.

While the Baltimore Sun raised questions last June about the city’s spike in violence (43 murders in May—the highest since 1972), the Mosby’s danced the night away at UniverSoul circus.

Of course, there could be some kind of conflict of interest, having a mayor and State’s Attorney married to each other.

If both the Mosbys were in power, Kasniunas said, voters might wonder if the issue would receive proper scrutiny.

“How would this look if her husband was mayor and she’s launching a criminal investigation?” Kasniunas said. “The notion of messiness is something that voters get concerned about.”

Daniel Schlozman, an assistant political science professor at the Johns Hopkins University, said the theory behind electing Baltimore’s top prosecutor is the same one behind much of the U.S. political system: to create a division of power.

“That’s classic Madisonian stuff,” Schlozman said. “Those checks don’t work the same way even if Nick Mosby and Marilyn Mosby follow all the rules. Their interests are so tied up in each other.”

But that’s the thing with single-party-rule (that’s how Democrats see their vision of “victory”), it doesn’t really matter, as long as everyone gets what’s coming to them (free stuff).

This is also the reason Democrats vote for Hillary Clinton.  They really want a third-world country—they want a dictator to tell them what to do, when to do it, and how high to jump.  As long as they can blame “the rich” and “the privileged” for their problems.