Obama appoints openly gay Secretary of the Army


There’s no longer any semblance of a mask on President Obama’s intentions regarding our military.  Instead of a force based on good order and discipline, training, and principles going back 240 years, the Commander-in-Chief has made the only superpower’s fighting force the subject of social experimentation, and imposition of a new agenda.

We will have the gayest military he can possibly build.

Eric Fanning, a 47 year old openly gay man, a Pentagon staffer with zero actual experience in uniform, was nominated to be the new Secretary of the Army.  This man is Obama’s pet project—and has been since 2013, when the president appointed him Undersecretary of the Air Force.

At the time in 2013, Michael Donley, an Army veteran and conservative who once served as editor of the Heritage Foundation’s National Security Record, was Secretary of the Air Force.  Donley was a holdover from the Bush years, and was planning to step down in 2013, leaving a vacuum which Fanning conveniently filled in a six month stint as acting Secretary of the Air Force.

Obama tried again this year, overseeing Fanning’s move from his national security staff position to Chief of Staff for Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, then in June to acting Under Secretary of the Army, putting him in line for the top civilian position.

There’s nothing wrong with choosing people for their qualifications, and doubtless, Fanning has experience within the Pentagon’s E-ring.  But it’s very obvious that this choice was not made based solely on experience.  It was a political decision based on Fanning’s sexual preference.  It’s a “see, this is how we do things” moment for the Army.

As the Washington Post reported,

Fanning’s role as Army secretary would give him influence over the selection of the generation of generals who will rebuild the service after the wars. One big question for the Army is whether, in an era of tight budgets, it will return primarily to preparing for heavy combat missions against a big, conventional military, such as the Russians, or experiment with new formations that are better suited to training and working alongside indigenous partners.

And with a gay Secretary of the Army, for whoever is the president on January 20, 2017, Obama wants to ensure that in the military, gay will be the rule, rather than the exception.

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