The Symmetry of Evil and the Consequences of Politics


There’s a grim symmetry to Democrats blocking the best chance to kill President Obama’s plan to inject $100 billion into the world’s largest terror organization, one day before the 14th anniversary of 9/11.

Since that black day in 2001, Islamic terrorists have attempted multiple followup operations, some meeting with limited success, always testing, always probing our defenses.  Of 72 terror attempts, 45 have occurred since Obama took office.  That’s 62.5 percent, if you do the math, which is a statistically significant increase over period prior to his presidency.

Seven is the Biblical number of “perfection”—the number of days in the week, the interval in years when the Israelites were ordered to let their fields lay fallow, and seven times seven is the number of the Jubilee, when all debts were cancelled and all slaves were granted freedom.  There’s a Biblical symmetry in the number 14.

And today, it looks very likely that, whatever Congress does (the House passed a resolution agreeing with [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ], who asserted that the president has not complied with the Corker Law, hence the 60 day review period to disapprove the Iran deal has not started), Obama will lift sanctions against Iran.

As a nation, we are responsible for the consequences of this action.  All the consequences.  In July, after the deal was announced and the president was busy selling it to Congress like a Cash for Clunkers offer, Susan Rice said:

“We should expect” that some of the money Iran gets under sanctions relief as a result of the nuclear deal “would go to the Iranian military and could potentially be used for the kinds of bad behavior that we have seen in the region.”

Any money going to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, to their proxy Hizbollah, to their fighters in Syria, who are simultaneously exacerbating the current refugee crisis and exploiting it to infiltrate their own agents, sleepers, and provocateurs into western countries, is blood money paid by the United States.

Fourteen years have yielded thousands of lies by our government, and altered intelligence reports about the strength of the “junior varsity” Islamic State.  The attacks on U.S. soil against soft targets, “Draw Muhammad” contests, and recruiting stations are likely what they appear to be: a coordinated effort to probe our defenses and strike terror into our citizens.  They are not the “lone wolves” the administration has maintained.

And with a fresh $100 billion, it will only get worse.  Appeasing those whose goals run diametrically opposed to our own, whose values and theology drive them to heinous and gruesome acts, under a political-religious system devised 600 years after Christ, leads only to more death, more heinous and gruesome acts and a diminishing of America’s moral leadership in the world.

I pray, as Ted Cruz said, that Democrats would go home and bend their knee to the God of Heaven and Earth, and consider the consequences of their votes on the most important issue of our day.

We will be living (and possibly dying) with those consequences for many more years.

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