North Korea Emails Suggest Clinton Foundation Collusion at State


Just when I thought there might be a bottom to the moral abyss undergirding Bill and Hillary Clinton’s bridge to perfidy, I am once again proven wrong.

There’s nowhere Bill wouldn’t go, nobody to whom he wouldn’t sell his soul for a selfie in return for a payday, during Hillary’s kleptocracy at the State Department.  Even, apparently, North Korea.  Courtesy of a public records request by Citizens United, which had to sue State to obtain the documents, we now know that the Clinton Foundation entertained an invitation from the Norks.

But while we let that fact marinate, let’s look to another gem in the Clinton’s personal blood diamond fund: the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a place ruled by under a bloody dictatorship by Joseph Kabila, who took power and kept at 29 in 2001 when his father Laurent Kabila was assassinated.

The Harry Walker Agency, Clinton’s speaking bureau, evaluated Congo thusly, noting the “prevalence and intensity of sexual violence against women in eastern Congo is widely described as the worst in the world.”

Yet Amitabh Desai, a foreign policy director with the Clinton Foundation saw fit to forward the request to a bevy of State Department officials, including Clinton’s chief of staff Cheryl Mills and aide Huma Abedin (who worked both sides of the Clinton/State fence for several years—double dipping into government leave time, according to the inspector general).

“WJC wants know what state thinks of it if he took it 100% for the foundation,” Desai wrote using Clinton’s initials. “We’d welcome your thoughts.”

So much for Hillary’s war on women.

It just gets squirrelier from there.  Now let’s look at North Korea.

A second email thread in May 2012 shows another potentially thorny event — subject line: “North Korea invitation.”

“Is it safe to assume [the U.S. Government] would have concerns about WJC accepting the attached invitation related to North Korea?” Desai wrote in an e-mail to Mills and two other State Department officials –Jake Sullivan, then-director of Policy Planning Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff, and Michael Fuchs, then a special assistant to the Secretary of State who now serves as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Strategy and Multilateral Affairs in the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs.

Mills two-word response? “Decline it.”

But the Clinton Foundation followed up three weeks later, saying the invite came via Hillary Clinton’s brother Tony Rodham.

“We would be grateful for any specific concerns that we could share,” Desai wrote. “Tony is seeing WJC in a couple hours.”

Mills wrote back to tell Bill Clinton, “If he needs more let him know his wife knows and I am happy to call him secure when he is near a secure line.”

There is no further explanation of what the North Korea related event entailed in the documents provided to Citizens United by the State Department.

I wish I was a fly on the wall for the (if there was one) secure phone call between Mills and Bill Clinton.  I bet it went something like, “Are you f***ing kidding me?  North Korea?”

There are only two possible explanations of why these kinds of emails went back and forth between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department.  One is that everyone working for the Clintons is an absolute idiot with not single working brain cell between them all.

The second explanation is that this was par for the course:  there was literally (meaning “literally”) no difference between the Clinton Foundation staffers working for Bill and Hillary and the State Department staffers working for Hillary—they functioned as a single team, making decisions not based on America’s national interest, but in the best interests of their bosses.

I think it was the latter case.  These emails certainly suggest it is.

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