Obama Intervening so the 9/11 Terrorists Can Keep Getting Paid

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If I told you in 2005 that ten years later the United States government would oppose justice for 9/11 survivors and punishment for the terrorists that attacked us, you’d think I’m one of those Holocaust-deniers and terror apologists.  But I’d be right.

The Obama Justice Department has intervened in the largest civil award in the 9/11 attacks, where a jury earlier this year awarded $655 million to terror survivors, definitively proving that the PLO and Palestinian Authority were liable.  It’s hard to argue that Palestinians weren’t glad after the attacks, with all the video evidence showing their celebrations.

The logic applied by the State Department and the Justice Department is thus:

According to State Department spokesman Mark Toner, the Statement of Interest filed by the U.S. government expressed “U.S. concerns about the harms that could arise if the ability of the Palestinian Authority (PA) to operate as a governmental authority is severely compromised.”

“Critical U.S. national security and foreign policy interests” should be taken into account in the bond amount, the administration argued.

In other words, Toner is saying: we want the Palestinians to have plenty of money to fund terror attacks against Israel.

Obama’s foreign policy consists of providing hundreds of millions of dollars to terror states like Iran, while giving lip-service to taking out the Islamic State and resting on bin Laden’s death like some kind of Gettysburg address.

Forcing the Palestinian Authority to actually pay $655 million would hurt them (isn’t that the point?).

“The collapse of the PA would compromise several decades of U.S. foreign policy,” wrote Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken. “The vacuum in governance and security could be filled by violent Palestinian groups that seek Israel’s destruction, and reject the goal of a two-state solution.”

Written like the Treaty with the Creek Indians in 1790 (which promises, among other things: “The United States solemnly guarantee to the Creek Nation, all their lands within the limits of the United States to the westward and southward of the boundary described in the preceding article”), the “statement of interest” states that U.S. Government “strongly support U.S. victims’ efforts to seek and receive just compensation from the terrorists and sponsors of terrorism responsible for attacks that kill and injure Americans abroad.”

So Obama wants to hold the terrorists responsible, and Obama wants to uphold the rule of law—he simply doesn’t want to uphold this particular jury’s decision because it could hurt the guilty party—that party being the America-hating Palestinian Authority.

I think the government is speaking with a forked tongue here.

Even Democrat and Obama stooge Chuck Schumer choked on the blatant terror apologist sentiment.  He wrote a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Secretary of State John Kerry urging them to let justice move forward unimpeded.

As you may know, Congress enacted the Antiterrorism Act of 1990 to allow victims of international terrorism to seek justice in a US court of law. The Act provides these victims the “remedies of traditional American tort law,” so that terrorists and state sponsors of terrorism are held accountable for their terrible crimes. The Sokolows and other families involved in this case have spent over a decade fighting for justice.

Last February a jury found that the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Palestinian Authority (PA) culpable for terrorism and ordered a judgement of $655.5 million. I am troubled to hear United States Department of Justice is considering asking the Court to protect the PLO and PA from having to pay the judgment. Congress passed the Antiterrorism Act to give American families a remedy and to hold perpetrators of terrorism accountable for their actions. The judge in this case has the power to determine details of the judgement, including when and how it should be paid. The size of the judgement in this case reflects the severity of the crimes and the large numbers of families affected.  I believe that the jury’s decision in this case, and the judge’s subsequent determinations, should be respected and the wheels of justice should be allowed to move forward without interference from the administration.

As usual in the permanent failure theater of Obama foreign policy, Schumer was ignored so the terrorists might not be inconvenienced by having to stop paying salaries to families of suicide bombers, because that’s apparently against American interests.

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