#PPSellsBabyParts: Why Is Selling Human Organs Illegal Anyway?


If I kill an endangered lion in Africa and bring its head and skin home to be stuffed, I will be fined anywhere between $500 and $10,500, depending on how many times I’m caught doing it—not to mention calls for my soul to be fed to Cthulhu after my body is slow roasted on a spit.  But if I sell my own plasma or sperm, I can make $50 per week or more for my blood (for twice a week), and up to $1,500 per month for my sperm. ($125 every 3 days, are you kidding me?).

But I can’t sell my own organs, even ones I don’t use.

The National Organ Transplant Act of 1984 (NOTA) prohibits me from selling a corpse (even if the living person was my dependent), or a kidney.  I can sell my bone marrow, because a court decided I could in 2011, but the government is trying to close that loophole.

But Planned Parenthood can sell an unborn baby, and all its parts, a la carte.

Abortion defenders hide behind all kinds of slogans, but in the end, they can’t defend their practice without opening the Pandora’s box of commercial organ sales.

It’s illegal to buy a kidney—at a penalty of $50,000 or 5 years in prison—but entire companies like StemExpress base their business on buying organs from dead babies, and Planned Parenthood provides a steady supply.  And while protesters are planning to march on Walter James Palmer, DMD’s dental clinic in Eden Prarie, Minn. because he killed a lion, I don’t see anyone showing up at 778 Pacific Street, Placerville, Calif. to string up StemExpress management.

Amnesty International promotes abortion using the slogan “my body, my rights,” which accurately describes the pro-abortion argument:  the “product of conception” is just a clump of cells.  A clump of cells with a liver, kidneys, heart, and brain, but a clump of cells nonetheless.

A dead unborn baby is not an organ and it’s not a cadaver, but it’s still illegal to sell at a profit.  The law allows for some expense reimbursement—and that’s where Planned Parenthood makes their money, selling access to its facilities, and paying the light bills when the government already pays for those non-abortion-related expenses.

The “donor” of the tissue, in a legal sense, the mother, gets nothing.  The real donor is, of course, the baby, but nobody asks it for an opinion.

So at great risk of being terribly morbid, I am going to descend into the dark logic of a society that values flesh for its usefulness, without regard to the dignity of personhood.  Forgive me.

Under Planned Parenthood’s (and Amnesty International, and every other feminist pro-abortion group’s) logic, why shouldn’t a fetus be commercially fungible goods?

For that matter, why shouldn’t I be able to sell my kidney, or my liver, or my heart, or my brain?  Of course, I’ll die without certain critical organs, but tell me why they shouldn’t have commercial value?  They’re mine, after all.

Right now I can sign a form on my driver’s license renewal and become an organ donor (which I’ve done), then play real-life Thelma and Louise, and I won’t need my organs anymore.  Or I can go to Washington, Oregon, or Vermont where euthanasia is legal and have a doctor kill me.  But if I do that, nobody is allowed to profit from my organs.

If it’s “my body, my rights,” then why shouldn’t I be able to will my organs to my loved ones and let them sell them when I die?  Why shouldn’t I be able to sell a kidney, or a knee joint, or skin, or any other part of my body?  Why shouldn’t the best parts go to the highest bidder?

Athletes are paid based on their ability, and the greatest part of that is God-given attributes or talent.  At 5-foot-6-inches, I will never be a great basketball player, or a great football player.  As a matter of fact, I don’t even qualify for California Cryobank’s sperm donor program, because the minimum height is 5 feet 9 inches.

Tom Brady’s heart would certainly be worth more than mine, for instance.  If he were to (God forbid) die suddenly, why shouldn’t his (already rich) family profit from his organs?

I know—because then only the rich would be able to afford “the best” organs, and some would pay poor people to die for them when they needed a transplant.  That’s the whole purpose of NOTA, to make organ transplants become money-blind, and it’s a noble goal.  But what about the poor person who can’t afford health insurance and dies waiting for an organ transplant because they couldn’t get care until it’s too late?

Ah, so we go to socialized medicine, and keep the rich from buying better care—everyone has to wait in line, and there’s no “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”  But we all know that can’t happen unless capitalism itself is outlawed, because there’s always a doctor who’s willing to take a wealthy person’s money before helping the poor.  And there’s always someone who’s willing to sell their organs (or their blood, or their sperm, or their bone marrow) to get some ready cash.

And although unborn babies can’t be (legally) sold, we know they can be rented.

That’s right: a surrogate mother can make quite a bit of cash renting out her uterus.  A company named ConceiveAbilities published an entire compensation schedule for surrogate moms, boasting that “surrogates receive paid compensation ranging from $39,450 to $52,450, depending on factors including the type of pregnancy and the number of previous pregnancies (surrogate mother experience).”

So a dad can get paid $18,000 a year to masturbate into a cup 3 times a week (with all the free porn he wants), and a mom can get paid a year’s salary to carry the baby produced by her donated egg and Mister Virility’s sperm, so some rich family can purchase a living baby, but the poor woman who gets pregnant by a random stranger can’t sell her aborted fetus, even though it clearly has value to companies like StemExpress.

What kind of twisted, hypocritical, self-contradictory logic is this?

It’s the kind of logic that people use to cover up evil.  They know it’s evil so they invent all kinds of rules around it to make it seem like they’re providing a service, something that’s needed, when they know they’re not.

Everyone would be better off if women with unexpected pregnancies simply gave birth and put the baby up for adoption—not least of all the baby, who gets to live (yay!)—but also the family adopting the child, the mother, who wouldn’t have to live with the permanent mental scar of having her offspring vacuumed from her body, or poisoned in the womb and stillborn, and the father, if he ever knew he had a child.

But that’s not what Planned Parenthood and their ilk want.  They want what Margaret Sanger wanted:  a world free from moral judgment, where promiscuous sex is encouraged, families are deconstructed, and the population is engineered to remove unwanted classes from the earth.

They’ve been promulgating the myth of overpopulation for decades, and we’ve not seen the mass starvation and food riots they prophesied.  Yet they still hold to the idea that a baby killed in the womb is somehow doing the child a favor for not being born.  That pernicious lie has so penetrated our culture that it’s standard now to test for genetic deformities in the womb, and recommend abortion if, say, a child has Down Syndrome.

The only way to justify that kind of evil is to advocate a world where moral judgments are suspended, and make up a set of rules as tangled as a fishing reel that came loose from the rod.  But in fact, there are moral judgments—whether we make them or not, they exist.  That’s why we reflexively recoil in horror seeing pie plates full of dead baby parts, knowing that they are in fact human organs harvested from unborn children.  It’s the knowing that gives away the judgment.

No set of tangled rules can ever justify selling human tissue, unless all human tissue becomes commercial tradable goods, which we all know is evil.  The same people who try to salve their seared consciences grieving over a dead lion can’t turn their minds to the fact that thousands of babies suffer worse fates every day.

We can’t let their minds rest, no not now when the images are fresh.  We must cut through the tangle each day and show them the world they’ve asked for, and when they’ve seen enough of it, they’ll have to deal with their own consciences, or accept a thousand evils more devastating than their hidden-away abortions.

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